Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down a pro-life Democrat’s law that protected women’s health.

We are appalled and disappointed. We protested, we advocated, and we fought in the press to highlight the need for laws that protect women and children.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court put abortion industry profits over patients. And that’s not the only appalling setback this year.

Pro-life Democrats have been relentlessly under attack : in Tennessee, in Ohio, in New Mexico, in Delaware, and in Illinois. Pro-life champion Dan Lipinski lost his primary to abortion extremist. Presidential candidates are determined to sell out to Planned Parenthood.

Sadly, the abortion lobby has more money than we do . We are directly competing with Planned Parenthood for influence in the Democratic Party: their 501(c)(4) raises $20-30 million each year.

The good news is that with 1 in 3 Democrats being pro-life, public opinion for more reasonable laws that protect women and children is on our side . As an organization, we are growing and building a stronger foundation:

  • Two new board members with new energy and ideas
  • An army of volunteers
  • A reinvigorated candidate committee and Recruitment Director
  • Vigorous state chapters across the country
  • A team of social media experts working to bring our #prolifeforthewholelife message to the country
  • Protesting in the streets at critical moments, such as yesterday’s Supreme Court decision (see picture below)
  • A new Youth Outreach Initiative
  • A massively popular essay contest

As a movement, we shouldn’t lose hope . The abortion rate has fallen by 50% since 1980, and as abortion facilities close, pregnancy centers that offer real options to women are opening.

To follow through on the initiatives above, we need financial contributions. DFLA functions with a fraction of the budget at other national pro-life and pro-choice organizations, and we have so much untapped potential as a movement. Your dollar goes far with us.

Today, is the last day of the quarter and is also the last day to be eligible to enter our $300 gift card contest. 

If you haven’t yet contributed to DFLA, now is the time.

Thank you for your contribution.