July 2019   
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About 40% of edible food is wasted every year in America. At the same time, Americans aim to eat more fresh foods.  So, what to do with all those vegetable peels? The scraps are wasted food, right?

Not if you ask  Lindsay-Jean Hard. Lindsay-Jean's love of food and interest in sustainability led her to write a cookbook of recipes using those scraps. A c ontributing editor and writer for the website  Food52  and a marketer for a bakehouse, Lindsay-Jean's world revolves around food. Read about her creative, waste-reducing cookbook below.

Wasted food and what to do about it is not just a topic for those who love cooking and food. It is also a concern for solid waste professionals. We know you work to educate your community about how to handle wasted food, whether it is reduction, creative use as the cookbook encourages, or composting. Eco Partners would love to work with you to develop and share your local message about how to handle wasted food. Please give me a call or  email me .
Keep on reducing--and try cooking with scraps!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Cooking with Scraps? Yes, of course!
Whether preparing a favorite meal or trying a new recipe, excitement for the dish builds as you rinse, peel, chop, and mince the ingredients. At the same time, food scraps pile up by the cutting board. It may be considered an unhappy but necessary byproduct of eating a fresh, healthy diet.  But is it? 

What if someone could show you how to create flavorful dishes from those scraps?  Lindsay-Jean Hard does just this in her book, Cooking with Scraps: Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, and Stems Into Delicious Meals (Workman Publishing, 217 pages). 

Her recipes show you how to turn these untapped resources into food you will love. From refrigerator-clearing frittatas to exotic beet peel margaritas, the book helps make the most of food, scraps and all! While clever and elegant, the recipes are also simple, with no more than 10 steps or ingredients. To read about the source of her passion for food scrap cooking, check out our interview with Lindsay-Jean Hard.

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