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The big difference between my programs and others, is my unique focus on mass media liability, not just employment law. Recent U.S. Supreme Court and federal court rulings classify employees using social media as powerful broadcasters; these new broadcasters have the viral power to reach millions and can cause irreparable harm worldwide.

More problematic, is the fact that today's employees conduct work-related tasks on their personal phones without much oversight (i.e. especially remote workers).The confluence of the new social media speech laws and little or no oversight drive the urgency for my online social media liability course.

Just one post or tweet can destroy your brand and trigger costly lawsuits that could land you in bankruptcy court. The average social media related lawsuit is $500,000 and up. My online course mitigates the risk of employee mistakes; it gives the employer documented proof that all employees received outside expert social media liability training.

Participants learn my "Social Media Red Flag Warning System"; these strategies are not taught anywhere else. Employees learn new skills that help identify and eliminate opinions and jokes that don't receive First Amendment protection. Also, privacy myths are shattered regarding a person's privacy on personal social media accounts and devices. A summary of my academic background and practical experience is listed below:

Academic Credentials

  • Member of the Florida Bar

  • JD, St. Thomas Law School, Miami, FL

  • Masters Public Administration, American U.

  • BA, Political Science, American University

Practical Experience

  • Digital Media Law Trainer For 30 Years

  • Television Anchor At Network Affiliates

  • Former White House Television Reporter  

"Mark is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. One of the few workshops I wish could have been longer, not shorter.  

I want to learn more." 

- Sylvia Redic, Administrator

Morrow, GA 


"The risks are too high to use social media without this type of

expert training." 

- Philip B. Williams, Supervisor

Orange County, FL 


"Very informative. More in-depth than any other social media course I have taken."

- Sue Dry, HR Deputy Director, Lancaster, PA


"Awesome! This is the best media liability training I've had in 15 years of public service."

- Tyrone Phelps,, Educator

Winston Salem, NC


"As an Emmy award-winning network news reporter/ producer for over 25 years,

I thought I knew everything I needed to know when it came to media liability. Boy, was I wrong. Mark's class alone will save me thousands of dollars and quite possibly my job. I highly recommend this class to not only journalists, bloggers, producers, directors, and writers but to any business owner."

- Susan Cingari, PR Practitioner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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