Are you using too much soap?

Many of our customers are surprised (and sometimes doubtful) when we explain that the problem with their washing machine was caused by using too much laundry detergent.
Laundry detergent, when not used correctly, can cause all kinds of problems with your machine. In fact, a large number of the washer repair problems we encounter are caused by improper use of laundry soap.

You may have a laundry soap problem if you notice these three signs:
  •  Washer won't drain, stops mid-cycle, and/or has an error code.
  •  Washing machine leaves dark spots / rust on my clothing.
  •  Washer has a foul odor and/or causes a pungent odor in clothing. 

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Attention Front Load  Washer Owners!

To avoid unwanted smells and mold growth, it's  important to ensure your washer stays clean. Here are our top 3 favorite washing machine cleaners.

Top 3 Washer Cleaners
  1. We carry the Affresh brand washer cleaners in our service vehicles. One tablet each month keeps your machine fresh and mold free. (Great for HE Machines!)
  2. If you're a Clorox fan, check out the
    Clorox brand HE Washing Machine Cleaner. One bottle is good for 5 months and fights against machine odors.
  3. With over 600 5 star reviews, Glisten Washer Magic is a top choice on Amazon. This product removes abrasive build-up and odor causing residue.
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