Dear friends of Garden To Table,

We hope this message finds you healthy and warm. If you're wondering about your school garden, rest assured that it is safe under a plastic hoop cover. We closed them up tight in preparation for this spring storm!

Over the past few weeks, it has become even more clear to us how important our partners are to the health of this organization. Principals, teachers, parent volunteers, board members, staff, interns, corporate sponsors, organizational partners, and donors. Thank you for being there for us, in the past, now and as we move forward into the unknown!

We are continuing to care for our school gardens. Approximately 3,800 heads of lettuce will be donated to the BVSD School Food Project and local food banks in May. That's fresh salad for thousands of low income families!

Over the summer, we’ll continue to grow nutrient dense vegetables including carrots , green beans, kale, summer squash and winter squash. We expect our summer/fall harvest to provide 12,000+ pounds of fresh, organic produce for our community.

We also want to be sure that school gardens are thriving and ready for students in the fall. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept help from our parent volunteers at this time. The added expense of extra staff time to care for these gardens will become a burden on our budget very soon. 

Can you help us grow food for the community and keep school gardens alive for our kids? If so, please donate here .

Stay well,

Lisa Atallah, Executive Director 
and the Garden To Table Team
Our staff is staying safe while we continue to grow food for the community and keep our school gardens thriving for students when they return in the fall.
Educational Resources
If you are inspired to begin a garden of your own, please follow us on Facebook where we'll be sharing tips and resources for doing so and engaging children in the process. For parents and teachers, we are sharing lesson plans to help with home learning. Coming soon, a gardening resource that will lead you through our gardening plan in the safety of your own home!
It is more important than ever that we spend time outdoors. Fresh air and exercise is good for our physical and mental health. Join the environmental education community in encouraging all families to get #OutsideEveryDay. Sign the pledge and get gardening, walking, biking, playing and exploring safely!
Thank you to our Sponsors:
Solstice Sponsors :   City of Boulder Human Services, The Golson Family Fund  
Harvest Sponsors:  The Kitchen Restaurant Group
Blossom Sponsors:   Avery Brewery, Benjamin Family Foundation,  Boulder Community Foundation/Pledge 1% Colorado, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, Hawley Family Foundation, Lily's Sweets, Lucky's Market, Plan Ahead Events, Smith Family
Sprout Sponsors:   Aurora Organic Dairy, Boulder Brands,  Boulder Food Group, Conscious Bay Company, GOCO NKJN, Green Family, Megna Family, Braughm Family,  Snooze, Tundra Restaurant Supply, The Tyler Rigg Foundation, Elevations Credit Union
Seed Sponsors:     Atallah Family, Barclay Family, Flagg Family, Holland & Hart, Ihnot Family, Shafton Family, Hefty Family, Dobbie Family, Goodson Family, JJJ Foundation, City of Lafayette