May 3, 2019
Donations to VLB help the entire community!
Thomas Elmes and Victoria Charles helping clients
When you donate to Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham (VLB), the entire community benefits. A study commissioned by the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation in 2018 found that VLB’s Social Return on Investment (SROI) is $12.13. This means that for every $1 invested in VLB, the Birmingham community receives approximately $12.13 worth of immediate and long-term financial benefits. 

Simply put, when we help clients who are at risk of falling through the cracks because they lack access to legal aid, everyone wins—and your donation makes that possible. Click here to give today. Also, see all of our fantastic financial supporters and Champions for Justice .
Open Pro Bono Opportunities
Please help this couple with an uncontested divorce. The parties share one minor child whom they do not want to be the subject of a lengthy court dispute. Both parties agree that child support should be calculated pursuant to the guidelines and are in agreement on visitation and custody. They have no joint property or joint debts.   I can help!

Case Status
  • No custody issues, joint property, or joint debt
  • Child support to be calculated pursuant to standard guidelines

VLB Added Value
  • All documents can be provided to attorney 
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in divorce law
Please help this disabled Navy veteran and his wife adopt their granddaughter. The couple has cared for their granddaughter for more than two years and want to formally adopt her so they can help her receive health care and go to school. The mother has waived her parental rights. Please help them formalize custody and provide a stable home for their granddaughter. I can help!
Case Status
  • Mother has waived her parental rights
  • The client has his granddaughter's birth certificate as well as other legal documentation

VLB Added Value
  • All documents can be provided to volunteer attorney 
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in adoption law
Our volunteers make it possible!
Sarah Chamberlain and Michael Lasserre help out at the Turning Point Court Docket

Stephen Bulgarella (Sirote)
Sarah Chamberlain (Starnes)
Amy Glenos (Ogletree)
Michael Lasserre (Starnes)
Karen Puccio (Hare Wynn)
Perryn Carroll helps a client at the Civil Help Desk

Brannon Buck (Badham & Buck)
Perryn Carroll (Carroll & Carroll)
Kathy Collier (Maynard)
Greg Harp
Jeff Miller (Carr Allison)
Bill Prosch  
Beth Howland at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Vic Baker
Victoria Charles (Shunnarah)
Charles Dunn (Boyd Fernambucq & Dunn)
Thomas Elmes
Heather Fann (5 Points Law)
Maura Goodwyn
Melinda Guillaume
Beth Howland
Leon Johnson
Susan McAlister
John Milledge
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Our dedicated attorney volunteers donate their time to serve vets at our Veterans Help Desk

Judge Carroll (Cumberland School of Law)
Nick Greenwood (Hand Arendall)
Jim Moss (Friedman Dazzio)
Walker Moss (Carr Allison)
Kristian Rasmussen (Cory Watson)
Gary Richardson (Richardson Law)
Jim Sanders (Hand Arendall)
Scott Sloss (Cumberland Student)
Gabe Tucker (Cumberland Student)
Mark Waggoner (Hand Arendall)
Walter Williams (UAHSF)
Volunteer opportunities this week
Brannon Buck assisting clients at a Help Desk
The first full week of the month is always a busy time! We have six Help Desks that you can volunteer for;

Civil - 5/6 & 5/9
Homeless - 5/7
Domestic Relations - 5/8
Domestic Relations Pro Se - 5/10

Please click here to sign up today!
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