The Felix Cardigan

Begun January 21, 2022 -- Finished November 23, 2022

Dear Knitters,

Here's a cardigan that I started a year ago in January and finished in November. I wore it for Christmas for the first time. Knitting a cardigan is a compelling thing to do. Unlike socks or scarves or hats, a cardigan draws you in and focuses on the big thing -- that sweater to wear once the work is finished.

Yarn: HiKoo Simplinatural.

Yardage: 5 skeins, approximately 915 yards.

Needles: Addi Rocket Squared 24" US #10 (6.0 mm); Addi Flexiflips used for sleeves.

Size: 48" finished measurement. The pattern has five sizes. The 48" is the mid size.

Buttons: From our Button Collection on Graywood Designs.

Pattern: Felix Cardigan by Savory Knitting, available on Ravelry.

Addi Rocket Squared Needles

I kept track of the skeins that I used by writing the skein number and date on each band. I like to add additional notes about needles, gauging, techniques, etc. to these bands as I knit.

It's good to know that five skeins makes a cardigan this size. Now when I knit another cardi, even if it is not this same pattern, I have a good idea of the yardage that I tend to use for this gauge and needle size.

Simplinatural by HiKoo

My knitting went with me when we traveled last June. That silk scarf that I'm wearing was a shopping find from Michigan's Mackinac Island in June.

For my next Felix Cardigan, I'm planning to knit a size smaller and make it shorter. I'd like it to be more of a cropped jacket look. I will be using a medium gray, Color 099 Grey Flannel.

I wrote several blog posts about this knitting. I hope that my writing will be an inspiration as you plan knitting (or crocheting) for the coming year.

"Getting Lost in Knitting a Cardigan"

"The Stats for the 2022 Felix Cardigan"

Simplinatural is a joy to use. It's soft and silky. The yarn is 40% baby alpaca, 40% fine merino wool and 20% mulberry silk.

A knitting project like this is an investment of both dollars and time. For a little over a hundred dollars worth of yarn and about 35-40 hours of knitting (my estimate to knit up 900 plus yards) you'll have a hand knit sweater to enjoy for years to come.

Happy knitting!

Getting Lost in Knitting a Cardigan
The Stats for the 2022 Felix Cardigan

Simplinatural comes in these colors.

002 Black -- inky dark, like velvet

139 Sedona -- deep sandstone red brown

138 Harbor -- summer blue, yet grayed

140 Eggplant -- deep blue purple

003 Natural -- soft off white

010 Deep Turquoise -- luscious blue green that shines

032 First Press Olive -- dull, yet glowing green

035 Turkish Coffee -- deep brown

046 Crimson -- right for a red cardigan

051 Raffi -- brighter blue

057 Gold Crest -- golden tones, toward yellow

096 Tangent -- tan that deep and inviting

097 Camel -- classic camel jacket color

099 Grey Flannel -- medium gray with hint of blue

100 Slate Grey -- deep and charcoal like

133 Mint -- soft green, lovely pastel

134 Petal -- almost an ashes of roses hint

135 Fabulous Flamingo -- glowing orangey red

135 Daffodil -- yellow, maybe a touch of green (not orange)

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