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July 15, 2019
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Choir Music Available
Choir Contata Music Available
Penningtonville Presbyterian Church
Penningtonville Presbyterian Church has choir cantata music that they no longer use and would like to offer to other churches.  
  • "God is with Us: A Festival of Carols and Classics" SATB, 20 copies, 1 CD and accompaniment binder
  • "A Mighty Fortress: A Festival of Hymns" SATB, 27 copies
  • "A Family Christmas" SATB, 26 copies
  • "Thy Will be Done" SATB, (Lenten Cantata) 22 copies
If interested, please contact
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Construction & Repair Ministry
Seeking those interested in a  
Presbytery of Donegal Construction & Repair Ministry
led by Ruling Elder Mike Wills
For over 20 years, Donegal Presbyterian Church has been involved in a construction and repair ministry in upstate New York. Each summer, a team of adults and teens trek there to participate in work efforts sponsored by Ministries in the North Country (MINC), MINC is a cooperative parish which originated in the Presbytery of Northern New York in 1989. As part of their efforts, this organization finds, vets and solicits workers and materials to repair the homes of those unable to do so themselves. Projects have included replacement of windows, doors, steps, insulation and roofs, as well as making a dwelling handicapped accessible.  
After years of participating in this far-flung mission activity, DPC has concluded that similar efforts are needed in our own area. At least in Lancaster County, there is no entity currently providing home repair service to those in poverty, nor any mechanism to do what MINC does in northern NY. DPC lacks the critical mass needed to get such an effort off the ground. Hence, a presentation was made to the Engaging Our Mission Team about attempting this as a Presbytery-wide activity. EOM welcomed the idea and gave the green light to approach the Presbytery at large about it.
This is a solicitation of interest in discerning whether such a ministry can be created in the Presbytery of Donegal. If enough interest is generated, initial efforts would be directed toward creating a system to advertise, gather applications, review, assign jobs and monitor progress and results. If your congregation would like to be a part of this effort, please contact Mike Wills of DPC and the EOM at 717-439-6393 or