JUNE 2016
Welcome Apple
Last month we welcomed "Pockets," this month we welcome Apple.  Both mothers (Blossom and Maude) were rescued from the killpen in Texas (show below) last August.  Blossom lives with Jenny in Hamilton, Ma.  
Cooper is a breeding stallion that sold at auction to the "Zoo Guy" for $85.  We were able to do a "Buy Back" from the Zoo Guy and bring this little guy home.  

Killbuyers don't purchase stallions because they can't ship them with other horses to slaughter due to U.S regulations.  
He currently is in a foster home in New Hampshire.
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May and Daisy, saved from the killpen in Texas, were moved to their permanent home at the Service Dog Project.  They are sharing their love with children, veterans, handicapped and anyone else they meet.  They have lots of love to give....
Daisy attempts her first Selfie...
Clementine hit the Jackpot.  She was sold first at New Holland.  ERN was outbid by a notorious horse dealer who brought her to NJ to the Cranbury Auction.   So we drove to NJ and purchased her at the Cranbury Auction.  
By the time Clemontine had arrived at the NJ auction, she was exhausted and colicy - although still very wild, not halterbroke and unhandled. She now lives in luxury with Show Jumpers in fields of green grass, and with Claudia (in Essex, MA).
Penny is a sweet yearling that also ran through New Holland Auction and was purchased by the same dealer as Clemintine. So we bought her too!

After a long ride back to MA, they both enjoyed a month of rest & rehab. She will soon be heading to New Hampshire soon (with April) to grow into something fabulous...
Strawberry  is finally well enough to travel.  After 2 months in quarantine, she was able to ship from Texas to CA where she will continue her rehab and receive proper training with one of ERN's approved MicroRescuers.
Learn more about our "MicroRescuer" program.  ERN promotes others to rescue horses. If you want to help a horse, we can step you through the process.  Read details on the process at "Rescue 101"
Buddy's new home made him a custom door, so he could hang his head out like the other horses. However, Buddy took that as an invitation to climb over the door, and explore. He explored himself right into a well and almost drowned.  It took 3 people to get Buddy onto the trailer last week,
and he goes willingly into a tiny hole in the ground and almost drowns. Seriously Buddy!  The hole was so small the 4 firefighters, 2 policeman, 2 owners and veterinarian had a hard time squeezing him out!  Two hours later, Buddy is FINE and chill'n with his partner-in-crime, Valintino.
Sally, An older mare that went to a local ERN approved MicroRescue home in Texas for a soft place to land.  She obviously is in desperately in need of some TLC and Groceries - which she is getting thanks to ERN followers, Donors and our MicroRescue Volunteers.
Momma & Baby.
We rescued what appeared to be a mother and baby in Texas.  However, it turned out the two were unrelated, and both suffered from pneumonia.  Given the circumstances, they went off to the local veterinarian for 12 days of care.  And after $1.169 worth of intense care BOTH survived.  Since we exhausted the funds we had reserved for shipping to New England, we sent them to the Humane Society of Northern Texas for rehoming.  
No longer is he Tag #1633, his name now is Tucker. This fancy 2 year old is out of the killpen in Bowie Texas. First stop is was an exam by the the vet, then off to quarantine. He eventually will travel to Illinois for his home with Emily Brickley.

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