What an incredible impact you had!


November 20, 2023


Reverend Miguel Estrada

Dear Friend, 

You helped reduce Misión Peniel´s $22,000 budget shortfall in a significant way.

Donations totaling $18,262.34 were received through November 1st!

Your generous response helps ensure Immokalee´s farmworker families will continue to have greater food security and other vital needs met throughout the rest of this year! This allows us to keep our focus on serving the community and respond in the ways in which God calls us to serve. Thank you!

Your gift came at a really good time.


As the number of individuals and families coming to the mission kept increasing this fall, there were times we ran short of basic groceries, fresh produce, and other basic resources. We worried we might not be able to keep providing consistent quality and quantity of resources to sustain our many weekly outreach ministries throughout the rest of the year, especially as we are entering the peak agricultural season in Southwest Florida.

You and I both know that it is heartbreaking to have to turn away anyone in need or provide less to those arriving later because they needed to work the long hours in the fields.

Thankfully, you are helping to meet that challenge, allowing us all to enter this season with humble thanksgiving!

Farmworker families that benefit from the kind of support we offer at Misión Peniel, continually express their appreciation to the volunteers that help serve every week. 

Individuals I meet with or visit in the hospital ask me to tell you how grateful they are that God has worked this blessing through all who support the mission.

Pan de Vida clients (homebound individuals receiving weekly meals and supplies delivered to their home) tell Marifrans that they look forward to her weekly visits. It is their lifeline both physically and emotionally as well as spiritually. 

You inspire their expressions of thanksgiving!

Because of your compassionate generosity, these farmworkers and families live with greater hope, health, and security. You are truly helping transform lives each week. 

That’s an incredible difference – and you helped make it possible!

On behalf of the farmworker community in Immokalee, Thank You, Gracias, Mèsi !

Onward in faith and renewed hope,

Rev. Miguel Estrada


Misión Peniel

P.S. If you´d like to continue supporting Misión Peniel and it´s ministry with the farmworker community in Immokalee, please consider responding to our upcoming Giving Tuesday Campaign on November 28, 2023. Save the date and watch for details in the upcoming newsletter. 

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