Four programs intentionally integrate Housing, Local Food, Small Business, and Special Projects with community collaborations to implement revitalization and renewal in the Village of Philmont and surrounding areas.
Many thanks to those of you who have already made a contribution to the Community Conversations End of the Year. We are truly grateful as we rely on your support to maintain working in Philmont, and to demonstrate vital community support required by state and federal grant programs as a match to our robust grant writing strategy.

A quick look at the Community Match charts below shows how your contribution goes to work generating a four year average 1:12 ratio. For every dollar you contribute PBI has managed to match your dollar with over $12 dollars of grant funding making it possible to continue implementing capital renewal projects in the village. We know a village with a 21% poverty rate could not possibly reverse a 70 year disinvestment without a strenuous grant program matched by generous contributions from likewise thinking people committed to making a community difference and being part of the solution. Thank you for supporting our work.

Looking back over the year, we can clearly see Philmont is growing. Our state funding partners at Homes and Community Renewal, and the Office of Planning and Development confirm that what may appear to be a sudden, out-of-nowhere uptick of interest, people, and attraction of private investment in the village is exactly on track showing a community in motion of an active renewal. On the surface it may seem random, but when considered within the context of 10 years of PBI's consistent boots on the ground, it is what should be taking place. So much so, the Department of State funding the Summit Lake and Its Watercourse BOA plan, is writing a case study on how a village with the advantage of a tiny grass-roots community development nfp is outperforming in the area of community participation than most planning departments working for large towns and cities.

Many of you already know there's not a week goes by without a community conversation taking place, an outreach event, a committee meeting on a renovation site, in a restaurant, in the library, a Guest Speaker event, a workshop, or in session with the local government, and that all are welcome to participate. Combined, this consistency is producing an active, living, and pulsing community renewal attracting new residents and businesses to the village. Together, we are gaining ground!

If you haven't had the chance to show your support for renewal projects in Philmont yet, there's another 12 hours to go before the year turns from 2017 to 2018! We hope we can continue to rely on your support to reach the levels of funding needed to accomplish the projects on the runway for 2018.

Please consider making a donation today, online  or by calling 518.697.0038 to ensure that we can keep working together to revitalize Philmont!

Happy New Year,
Sally Baker
Executive Director
Many thanks to everyone who contributed on the front lines of current projects and made this year possible. We've clearly seen the dynamic of Philmont's ongoing renewal owing its success to the power of community conversations and the high number of those conversations taking place every week turning solid ideas, diversity, and passions into action.

If PBI was to single out just one element that makes working in Philmont different, it would be the high numbers of community members interacting and contributing to each renewal project creating sustained boots on the ground working collaboratively to make the difference. A difference that explores concurrently the residential, cultural, civic and economic factors contributing to a sustainable village community.

Here's a snapshot of this year's three red-letter gains:
1 . Local construction trades and Co-op members bringing the renovation of 116 Main over the line increasing the total of Main Street program assisted to 22 buildings and the Co-op on its way to open in the New Year reversing a ten year condition in the village as a USDA designated food desert.

2 . The Village of Philmont and Executive Steering Committee working hard behind the scenes to complete the Summit Lake and Its Watercourse economic planning document to publish in the New Year containing over 35 planning and renewal recommendations creating a solid and doable blue print for continued revitalization and avenues to potential NYS funding to implement community selected projects.

3 . Members of P-CAN collaborating to evaluate sub-standard rental housing, street by street, to produce a map for writing a housing plan invited by a lead NYS housing agency to fund PBI's continued initiatives finding equitable solutions for affordable housing and neighborhood development in the village.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to PBI before the end of the year as a Community Match to help the organization continue its work in 2018 collaborating with the community for another year of public/private funded renewal .

Happy New Year,
Sally Baker
Executive Director

Philmont's buzzing! 2017 has been a record year for home sales on Summit St, Maple Ave, Church St, Main St to name a few, and new businesses are coming to the village. The Vanderbilt changed hands, Hill Top has new owners looking at doing a restoration to open a B&B, there's another storefront rented, the Co-op building renovations are complete and they are getting ready to open in the new year, and the renovated church on Main St sold to new resident owners this month. All in all a pretty good year showing 10 years of sustained revitalization efforts are producing a positive effect.
2018 is looking to be pivotal year for continuing PBI's housing program. Having assisted 22 buildings revitalize on the Main Street, the organization is now looking at assembling a village wide scattered housing plan aimed at equitable access for home ownership assisting program eligible working families and individuals go from renting to owning. Please join the conversation by attending a Guest Speaker event, upcoming workshops, or consider joining Community Conversations helping to write the housing plan by evaluating if village housing is currently serving the needs of local farmers, young professionals, and artisan and trades professionals representing the growth sectors of the community.
Summit Lake and Its Watercourse is a special project in collaboration with the Village of Philmont aimed at restoring the lake, the waterfront, surrounding historic buildings, post-industrial mills, the Community Center, park, and playground. During the course of assembling the plan for implementing these next steps of renewal in the village we have seen record numbers of community participation and high attendance at Guest Speaker workshops held in the Village Hall. Read more

We know from our colleagues at BALLE the answers for achieving vibrant local economies come from building strong communities willing to talk, engage, and carry on those conversations. Every year shows us that working together as a community is the answer for continued renewal!
For the month of December, our End-of-The-Year funding appeal will be bringing you community voices of how collaboration and people are making the difference in Philmont's renewal.
We're pleased to say the Kitchen/Co-op will be opening in January!
When donating to Philmont Beautification, you will receive a thank you note and receipt for tax purposes. You will be making a community match to help keep renewal projects selected by the community taking place in the village like the opening of the Philmont Cooperative in January, the restoration of Summit Lake and Its Watercourse , a dedication plaque for the Nancy J. Brousseau Park, Community Conversations outreach, our Guest Speaker presentations held in the Village Hall, the publication of the Brownfield Area Opportunity (BOA) master plan, and strategic planning underway with community members for projects getting on the drawing-board. Your gift will support continued revitalization in Philmont in 2018.
Philmont Beautification, Inc., is a grass-roots charitable organization as described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.