Exactly 1 year ago, you--and 80,304 other signers to this petition from 94 countries around the world--united to bring back go-go music to DC's Shaw neighborhood. A year later, we are all reeling from the ongoing COVID-19 disaster, but if we keep standing together, we can rebuild a stronger, more equitable and inclusive world. Tune in  www.facebook.com/MakeGoGoForeverDC  as we 1) Release a new report: "How to Make Go-Go 'Official' Post-Covid-19" and 2) Host an interactive, Virtual Musical Town Hall hosted by Comedian Davy Ruffin. Join Big G, Michelle Blackwell, Frank Sirius, Tony Lewis Jr., Ronald Moten, Dr. Natalie Hopkinson and Dr. Andre Perry and other special guests for a virtual day of art and action. #StayHomeDC  

2 p.m. Fri., April 10th. ZOOM press conference/media briefing. 1) The Release of Don’t Mute DC’s new report “How to Make Go-Go ‘Official’ Post-COVID-19” 2) Welcoming new coalition partners Crank the Vote ( www.crankthevote.com  and the 70K Strong campaign for the District’s returned citizens. ( http://seventythousandstrong.com/
Among press conference participants: Report editors Charles C. Stephenson Jr. and Dr. Suzanne Goodney Lea ; activist Tony Lewis Jr., go-go artist and Make Go-Go Forever Task Force Co-Chair Michelle Blackwell , and Joe “JoJo” Houston Jr. of 70,000 Strong. PRESS, please register by emailing info@dontmutedc.com or calling 202-848-4394.
7-8 p.m. Fri., April 10th. LIVE at  Facebook.com/MakeGoGoForeverDC   Virtual Interactive Town Hall hosted by comedian Davy Ruffin. Panelists include: actor, musician and philanthropist, and Make Go-Go Forever Task Force Co-Chair Ralph Anwan Glover, Don’t Mute DC co-founder Ronald Moten, Go-Go Live author and Howard University assistant professor Dr. Natalie Hopkinson and Know Your Price author and Brookings Fellow Dr. Andre Perry.
Discussion will include the following topics: What happens if Black people are not counted in the 2020 Census and at the voting booth; COVID-19 collapse of the go-go industry; the D.C. government’s $600 million budget shortfall and what is “essential” to disproportionately impacted Black communities; The plight of Returning Citizens amid COVID, and More.General Public will be integrated through ZOOM and Facebook.
8-8:55 p.m. Friday, April 10th ( Stay Home Therapy )
Special virtual performance by Backyard Band. 

9:00PM Friday, Apr. 10th. LIVE at   Instagram.com/MakeGoGoForever.  Immediately following the Backyard Band performance, the afterparty will be live from the living room of activist Tony Lewis Jr. and the living room of Band leader Frank Sirius , who will deliver more ( Stay At Home Therapy )an intimate, unplugged tribute to late, great soul man Bill Withers.
Visit us at  www.dontmutedc.com  or email info@dontmutedc.com
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