Dear Friends,

Happy Halloween!!

We have a sad story to tell.  Since we moved to Sap Bush Hollow Farm in 1979, we've had trick-or-treaters come to our door only twice.  It's a lonely feeling, sitting around a farmhouse on Halloween with all that chocolate, knowing no one will come to your door (can you hear the violins playing? ).

So this year, we want to change that.  We've got a big ol' box of Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Chocolate minis (hey, it's good to know what's in the offing, right?), and we'll be doling them out to anyone who comes to our door in costume during our open house that runs from 11-3 on this coming Saturday (Halloween!).  Don't have a costume?  Can you at least make yourself look scary for a minute or two?  That'll work, too.  The offer stands while supplies last!

Meanwhile, of course, we'll have our lamb, beef, pork and even a few frozen chickens available for you to purchase, along with our yarns, wool blankets, and wool comforters and pillows.

Also, Halloween will be the official release date for 8-year-old Ula Hayes Hooper's latest greeting card series.  I know many of you have been waiting eagerly to see them, so here's where you can go  for a sneak preview, or to order online:
And finally, have you ordered your turkey yet?  They will be available for fresh pick-up  to anyone who pre-orders them, either at the Round Barn Market (on Nov 21 at 11am), or by appointment between 1pm and 5pm at the farm on November 22 and 23.  If you haven't already pre-ordered, you can call the farm at 518.234.2105 to reserve, or click the button below to reserve yours today with a credit card .  Please note: While there is technically no sales tax on farm-fresh food items, I cannot get the computer elves to recognize this.  Anyone ordering from the great state of New York will be charged sales tax when they pre-order online.  We will refund your sales tax at the turkey pick-up. 



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