What a week! We've got a new Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter, a wealth of new Warehouse Finds on our online store, and this year's Road Crew 2020 Promotion: Clash of the Giants! And to go with those, we also have an interview with The Dark Master himself, the Gary Con XII Event Grid, a new Adventures in Fiction page—not to mention the Adventure in Fiction: Philip Jose Farmer—and some details on our Third Party License! Plus, we are at IndyStorm this weekend!

Let's get to it!
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The campaign is now live!
Something is happening on The Warden. Something…terrifying.

Fans of  Metamorphosis Alpha  can rejoice, as the new  Doom on the Warden  adventure is now live on Kickstarter! Described by the adventure’s author (and Metamorphosis Alpha creator), James M. Ward as “Tomb of Horrors in space,” this adventure will change the game forever…

Here’s a description from the Kickstarter:

It was a little-known fact that the colonization starship Warden had many discrete safeguards and catastrophe protocols in place should complications arise during its long voyage. These safeguards proved insufficient to protect the Warden when it encountered the radiation cloud. When the ship’s computers analyzed the impending threat, the military A.I. enacted the Omicron Protocols, causing a portion of the ship’s dorsal hull to disengage. This portion, hidden within The Warden’s outer bulkhead, contains the classified military cantonment, code-named “Level 0.”

Uncontrollably drifting through uncharted space, mankind’s first colonization starship Warden has survived for over 300 years. While floating through the interstellar dark, strange civilizations have arisen – mutant, human, and wolfoid. Battles have been fought, wars have been waged, and finally, the end is near…if anyone survives. The moment has come to repair The Warden and return it on its course – or to disable it forever.
Doom on the Warden  can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as part of your ongoing campaign. And it offers a wealth of material for any Metamorphosis Alpha fan.

  • The Adventure: James M. Ward’s most devious adventure ever! Part hex crawl, part deadly delve. Forty-four years after the original release of Metamorphosis Alpha, the story of the second half of the voyage is finally being told.
  • Campaign-Style Play: Drop this adventure into your ongoing campaign to turn everything on its head. Complacent denizens of the starship Warden will find themselves racing to uncover the deepest of the Warden’s secrets and to restore its course.
  • Convention-Style Play: Three teams of pre-generated characters, each with their own individual reasons for undertaking this deadly quest, are ready to populate your table as the adventure was originally run.
  • The Maps: A map of the mysterious “Level 0” and the military command dome found within.

We’ve got a ton of stretch goals that will make  Doom on the Warden  even better! So  head on over to our Kickstarter  and let’s see just how far we can take this journey of The Warden.
Ever have that experience where you go to clean out your closet and you come out holding something that makes you say, “I didn’t know I had that!” Yeah, us too.

We found a treasure-trove of items and materials that we thought were long out-of-print or no longer available. And a few things that we decided SHOULD be made available to the public-at-large at this point. And we found a LOT of it.

Some of these are variants. Some are promo items. Some are stretch goals for Kickstarters past. All of them are cool and hard to find.

For details on each find, be sure to click the photo below! We only have a very limited supply of these items, and there aren’t any more in the warehouse. Trust us, we checked.

Just what did we find? Hold onto your hat, it’s quite a list…
Check out the 2020 Road Crew Swag!
It's time to put on your big pants, because the 2020 Road Crew is going giant-sized!

This year's promotion is Clash of the Giants, and it's loaded with something for you and your players to display with every game: patches! There are over a dozen exclusive patches to earn as you work your way through the various levels of the Road Crew promotion!

We've also got some old favorites on the list, like bookmarks, the belt buckle, and the ever-popular Judge's Pin!

On top of that, there is a wealth of material to help you promote your event, ranging from posters to graphics that you can use to create your own image to promote your game.

As always, you earn your credits by running games. To qualify as a Road Crew game, you have to run a Goodman Games RPG— Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, Original Adventures Reincarnated, or any other game we publish—and the game must be open to the public. This can happen at a public venue, such as a convention, game store, gaming club, or anywhere else that gamers gather, or online games on public platforms (Twitch, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.)—just make sure that new people can discover and play your game!

So what are we jawing here about? Head on over and check out the 2020 Road Crew Page today!
Visitors to our site are likely familiar with our Adventures in Fiction posts. Each of these articles explores the past era of sci-fi, pulp, fantasy, and sword-and-sorcery fiction that helped to inspire the creation of the role-playing genre. They are an exploration of the core of our industry, and something that we hold dear to our hearts.

And now we’ve made them easier for you to explore. Introducing the  Adventures in Fiction page !

Our new Adventures in Fiction page organizes all of the posts, categorizing them under the Appendix N authors examined, as well as the other influential sources that impacted not just role-playing games in general, but  Dungeon Crawl Classics  in particular.

So we invite you to take a look and make a new discovery or two. The material presented wasn’t just an inspiration for us, but might just prove to be a great inspiration for your game as well!
by Jeff Goad
Farmer found early acclaim in the pulps, winning the Hugo in 1953 for Best New SF Author only a year after the publication of his first tale in  Startling Stories . He continued writing for Startling Stories where his work would be found beside that of other Appendix N luminaries like Jack Vance and Fletcher Pratt. Other early works can be found in  The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction , a publication that features a letter to the editor from Gary Gygax himself in the August 1963 issue.

Farmer’s first novel,  The Green Odyssey , was published by Ballantine Books in 1957 and was the start of a prolific output of novels for Ballantine Books, Ace Paperbacks, and other publishing houses. He released 15 novels in the 1960s then topped that with another 23 in the 1970s...
Need something to do this weekend? Come out to the Wyndham Indianapolis West and say hi and get your game on!

IndyStorm  is Indianapolis’s newest gaming convention being hosted for competitive, casual, and learning events! And Goodman Games will be there to make the show complete! Our own Dieter Zimmerman will be at the booth, giving you a chance to grab anything that might have escaped your notice until now!

Do you want to roll some dice and play some  Dungeon Crawl Classics ? We can help with that, too! Come by the booth to sign up for an always-fun  DCC  funnel. The game times are: Friday 1:00 & 6:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM & 4:00 PM. Get in and signed up early so you don’t miss out on your spot!
We’re excited to have more than 100 events on the books for this year’s show. Goodman Games has supported Gary Con since the beginning, we were there playtesting Dungeon Crawl Classics (before the game even had an official name) way back at Gary Con 2.

Unfortunately, Joseph Goodman can’t attend the con this year due to a scheduling conflict, so there won’t be a “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar. But there will be over 100 games, and our incredible booth in the dealer’s hall, plus of course, all the other great Gary Con socializing!

So click below to get our  official Gary Con XII event schedule . Use it to plan your games before events formally open! And we’ll see you soon in Lake Geneva!
Did you know that Goodman Games allows publishers to produce their own material that is fully compatible with  Dungeon Crawl Classics or  Mutant Crawl Classics ? It’s true! We offer a formal license and an official logo to attach to your product to show that it is something that will work with our games—and we charge a fair price for it, too. Free.

That’s right! The  DCC/MCC  license is totally free and at no expense to the publisher!

The most important criteria for obtaining the license is simply that we believe you are producing quality material of interest to our fans. The goal of this is to foster creativity and ensure  DCC/MCC  fans have a great source of constantly evolving new options for their games. We believe the game is what YOU want it to be, and we “put our money where our mouth is” in that regard by offering this free license.

On top of that, in order to subsidize the process, we purchase hard copies of the finished product direct from the publishers so that we can  offer them for sale on our website . One type of publication that is near and dear to our hearts are those made by the DIY creators out there who want to create zines and other low-budget books so they can share their ideas and vision. We love to see the amazing creativity of our fans on display, no matter the cost that goes into the finished product. We want your games to come alive...
Our partner Akileos Publishing is currently crowdfunding the French edition of  DCC RPG which we strongly encourage you to support —and they recently posted an interview with Joseph Goodman, owner of Goodman Games. Akileos  posted this interview on their crowdfunding site  as an update in French, but it was conducted in English—and we thought you might like to read it yourself.

Here is the English version of the interview for those who would like to see what’s going on in the head of the Dark Master these days!
Bonjour, Joseph! Thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for the horde of French DCC fans. Could you first introduce yourself and tell us your background, how to came to play RPG then become a publisher?

Hello everyone! I have been playing games of all kinds since I was very young. I first played  D&D  sometime in grade school. My first game was with my brother and his friend on the back porch steps. At the time, I thought monster hit dice were the number of dice the monsters rolled to attack. My main memory of this game was that the monsters won every encounter because they were rolling 3d8 or 4d10 to attack, based on their hit dice, while the PCs were only rolling 1d20. Oops! Misinterpreting the rules is a shared memory for many of us, I think...
One of the most popular items from Gen Con every year is the release of  The Gongfarmer’s Almanac . This zine is presented in several volumes, each compiling the work of the many fans who contribute to the zine.

For those not lucky enough to be at Gen Con and get their copies, The Gongfarmer’s Local #282 also goes the extra mile to compile all the issues into a single volume—which they sell at cost. That’s right, The Gongfarmer’s Local #282 makes no profit from these books, and neither does Goodman Games.

And now the new volume for 2019 is ready and available—with a new twist. For the first time,  The Gongfarmer’s Almanac  has gone hardcover! The book is still being presented at-cost, but now it’s in a high-quality hardcover format to go onto your shelf right next to your  Dungeon Crawl Classics  core rulebook!

It’s not just the 2019 volume getting that treatment, either. All four of the previous volumes are also now available in hardcover, as well! Check out the links below and grab your copy of  The Gongfarmer’s Almanac  today!
This is the compiled 2019 Gongfarmer’s Almanac zine, for the DCC RPG!

The Gongfarmer’s Almanac  is a  Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG  zine that is written, illustrated, edited and produced by the  DCC RPG  G+ community. This publication of the 2019 publication year zines are collected here in a single volume and offered at print cost. This includes volumes 1 – 14 in full. This is a massive volume, totaling 716 pages, and comes with a dust jacket on the book.

What’s in this volume? A LOT!
DCC Adventures: 4 Level 0 funnels, 1 each of Levels 1, 2, 3
MCC Adventures: 2 Level 0 funnels
Bronx Beasts  funnel (Level 0) adventure 
Trench Crawl Classics  (Level 0) adventure 

MCC Rules Expansions : technological mishaps, malicious code, exploits, and quarantine rules 

For DCC :
  • 7 brand new Patrons, including Aslan, Lady of Shadows, and Baba Jedza
  • The Beastomatic – a table-friendly system for creating Appendix N wildlife
  • 4 new monsters
  • 7 new artifacts
  • 5 new PC classes, plus hirelings, henchmen and other allies

New artifacts include The Blood Stone, The Head of Aharise, The Vespidar Brace, The Zorteen Neurozygote, The Golden Nose, The Boreal Hypercube, and The Neartane Suit. 

The 0-level adventure,  The Gig at the Wizard’s Tower , is a full length, funnel adventure, featuring 4 detailed maps and adventure keys for an exciting romp based at The Tower of the Manticore, a wizarding school. 

Dark Trails  features prominently in this year’s GFA. This year’s zine also includes an adventure set in Dan Steeby’s  Bronx Beasts  zine setting, as well as an adventure for  Trench Crawl Classics , the zine-based weird World War II setting using the  DCC  rules as a game engine. 

Even before the  Dark Trails  Kickstarter began shipping it’s prized pages,  The Gongfarmer’s Almanac  brings the Old West pain with the  Dark Trails Bonanza ! Complete (unofficial) Quickstart rules, Old West-themed adventures for PC levels 0 thru 3rd level, new Patrons The Trickster and Mike Fink, and even  Dark Trails  character sheets will let crawlers dive into Dark Trails’ Old West immediately! 

Dark Trails Bonanza – includes :
  • A Dark Trails Primer & Quickstart
  • Emergent Class Abilities
  • 1 Level 0 funnel adventure and 1 Level 2-3 adventure
  • Carousing in Dark Trails
  • 2 new Patrons for Dark Trails campaigns
  • New Dark Trails monsters

As always, the  DCC Zine Index  has been updated for 2019! Now 5 years in the making, and featuring nearly 80 pages of DCC Index goodness,  The 2019 DCC Master Zine Index  fills up the entirety of volume 14! Looking for new monsters? Looking for a new Patron?  The DCC Master Zine Index  has your back!
Now available in hardcover format!
Now available in hardcover format!
Now available in hardcover format!
Now available in hardcover format!
Looking for a great game this weekend? Always remember to check out our Events Page! Below is an excerpt of what is available in the next few days, but for the full schedule click on the image!