December, 2020 Christmas Wishes Edition
By Dune Johnson (AKA Looney Dooney)
How can we have Christmas in a
world that is so weird?
The answer is that we don’t have any other choice, do we?

Should we stop showing our family and loved ones that we care about them, just because of a pandemic?

Should we give up our hope and our joy, just because we are locked in our own homes?

What if we’ve lost our livelihoods (I have), or lost family members, or if we think that the whole political system is out to drive us crazy? Is that reason enough to lose our optimism, and our holiday cheer?

Should we become modern day Scrooges and start fighting against everything that the holidays have meant to us all these years, just because we have to visit with our families via Zoom or whatever platform we are currently using? 

Do you, perhaps, feel like striking a blow against the commercialism of Christmas by just not buying one more present online?

Or…could we all take a moment and be like Cindy Lou Who and be grateful for what we have-and share that gratitude with our family and friends?  

I choose to act like I live in Whoville.  Bring on the carols, the stories, and as many holiday movies as I can stand.

Start new traditions this year: for instance, we should celebrate the holidays with every single long-distance relative via the internet from now on! Why should anyone miss out, just because they live in another city or state?  

Read T'was the Night Before Christmas, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas this year and every year from then on-trust me, it’s worth it.  

Or maybe make a gingerbread house or some other kind of craft with your kids.  Just do it all, and repeat it again next year. That’s how traditions are made.

Make this year special, by actually being present to experience it.

Merry Christmas to you all, and know how much I appreciate you in my life.


Have an Amazing Online Visit from the
Jolly Old Elf Himself
This amazing Santa trained with me years ago, and is doing a great job with online shows. Check him out!
My personal favorite Christmas Movies:

Christmas Story
The Grinch

and for the big kids:

Christmas Vacation & Love Actually

An Excerpt From My Memoir About being
Santa Claus.
I work as Santa Claus every year. I know it seems hokey, because there is a “Santa” at every mall, and there aren’t many of them that inspire magic. But…is there anything more magical than Santa, really? Santa Claus represents love, kindness, abundance, family, and for Santa, each and every child is amazing! 

I own a plush Victorian costume with gold trim, a beautiful wig and beard, real boots (instead of spats), red gloves, and I have a band of jingle bells that encircle my left wrist. 

I don’t work at malls very often. Instead, I do home visits or office appearances for smallish groups of families and friends. I get to celebrate Christmas with hundreds (maybe thousands) of families every year.

As far as Santa goes, children aren’t, for the most part, jaded. They may be skeptical, but they aren’t yet weary of it all. They believe in possibilities, they believe in love, and they believe in what they feel. They believe. 

Even the kids who are turning the corner, those who know that I’m just a guy in a costume and that their parents buy all of the presents—even those kids find themselves believing when they get up on Santa’s lap. 

The whole process of preparing the presents ahead of time, inviting family and friends to attend, singing together, watching the personalized visit with each child, capturing the whole thing in photographs, and seeing some real magic right at Santa’s fingertips—all of this fills the whole room with joy. 

I am Santa, I get to feel his joy, and experience that wonder with so many families every year. That is magicreal magic—and I also get to believe.  

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