Mounting Alarms
Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted vs. Door Mounted Alarms

An exit alarm is an electronic device that activates an alarm when a door is opened. There are several types of exit alarms, including (but not limited to) door alarms, door prop alarms, and door management alarms.

How you mount these is up to you, but there are pros and cons to door mounting vs. wall mounting.

Door Mounted

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Uses small magnet, included with exit alarm
  • Alarm does not take up valuable wall space

  • Can fall off the door if bumped
  • Swings out in the weather
  • Alarm / electronics receive the same abuse as the door
  • Moves with the door, so when the door is open the alarm may not seem as loud compared to when the door is closed

Wall Mounted

  • Alarm remains safely inside when the door is open
  • Alarm / electronics do not receive the abuse that is subjected to the door

  • Installation takes longer, as external magnetic switch wires must be run to the alarm
  • Must cut internal jumper to disable internal read switches, activating external magnetic 2-wire switch to terminal
  • Uses External / magnetic switch and magnet
  • Alarm takes up valuable wall space
Did You Know?
With most exit alarms, a door-mounted model cannot be wall-mounted, and vice versa. But the EAX-300 Battery Powered Door Prop Alarm and EAX-500 Battery Powered Door Alarm from Detex are more versatile; both can be either door mounted or wall mounted with the addition of magnetic switches.
Tech Tip
Changing Door Prop Times

Note: The device first needs to be handed  according to installation instruction, then proceed with the following steps. (EAX-300 shown)

Step 1: Remove battery.

Step 2: With both micro switches closed, reconnect the battery. The flashing of the LEDs will indicate the current selection of door prop time (see Table B).

Step 3: Release both switches. The switch on the left (OKC switch) changes the programming. Pushing this switch will change the setting incrementally according to Table B. Once the desired time is selected, wait 15 seconds for the unit to flash the selection three times. The timing has successfully been changed upon hearing the siren chip four times. The new timing is retained in memory even with battery removal.

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