June 26, 2020

Dear Dosberg Manor Family Members and Responsible Parties,

I am writing to let you know that the date for COVID-19 testing of Dosberg Manor residents has moved up from July 2 to July 1 for those who consented to the test. Residents who have recovered from the virus will not be tested. This testing is part of a New York State initiative to test all assisted living residents.

We remain cautiously pleased that we currently do not have any COVID-19 cases in Dosberg Manor. After everyone is tested, it is possible that we may identify cases in people who are not showing symptoms. We will keep you informed of test results once we receive them. We also continue to update our daily numbers on the Family Webpage (username: family, password: weinberg321).

Visitor Restrictions
We have received many questions about when visitors will be permitted, and we thank you for your tremendous patience over the past few months. While we are doing everything we can to create other kinds of opportunities for keeping in touch, we know it is not the same as in person contact.

The topic of visitation has been a matter of daily advocacy in conversations with the Department of Health and representatives from the Governor’s Office. While New York State has not yet opened up visitation, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued guidelines regarding visitation. We are awaiting state-specific guidance to determine when and how the CMS guideines will be applied in New York; however, we are reviewing the CMS guidelines to anticipate what elements should be considered in our future visitation plan, once permitted by New York.

Travel Advisory
I also want to let you know that we are aware of the travel advisory issued jointly by Governor Cuomo, along with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut, that took effect yesterday. For more information about the advisory and how it may impact you or your summer travel plans, please visit the following web page: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory .

Skype Appointments
Beginning Monday, June 29, we have a new contact for scheduling Skype video calls with your loved one. Please contact Dana Zientara at 716-639-3311 ext. 2505, or [email protected].

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me. Thank you for your continued patience and support!
Dana Notaro
Administrator, Dosberg Manor & Garden House

(716) 639-3311 ext. 2507
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