My  BIG Announcement!

Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, D.Min. PhD, BCC
My sequel to Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction (Paulist Press, 1992) and Image Guidance and Healing (Paulist Press, 1994),  is finally in print : Mind-Shifting Imagery: Image Guidance for Life Coaches.

Image Guidance, a technique I developed  in 1989,
integrates the self through spiritual, emotional and physical healing; it is a powerful tool people can use to access their own inner wisdom through their own unique images. Many books, articles and presentations later, I have once again turned my attention to this amazing process of self-discovery.
I have used this process to help people:  
* Understand the causes of illnesses, negative attitudes, addictions, and problematic behavior patterns
*Prepare for difficult or unpleasant medical procedures, personal confrontations or challenging situations through relaxation and creative visualization
*Discern what is most life-giving when several seemingly equal choices present themselves
*Live in harmony with situations which cannot be changed such as a terminal illness, permanent disability, or irreversible loss
*Understand and deepen their relationships with God, self and others.

Over the years, I have also provided training in Image Guidance for life coaches, doctors, nurses, therapists, spiritual directors, ministers, chaplains, and health-care systems.

Mind-Shifting Imagery: Image Guidance for Life Coaches provides brief, safe and effective guidelines for using imagery in Life Coaching.  This approach can also be used in Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Counseling, Chaplaincy, Psychotherapy and other forms of inner guidance.

Through authentic case studies and commentary, the book demonstrates how imagery can heal, guide and illumine. Without shifting into the world of psychotherapy or psychiatry, it allows the client to imagine new possibilities, explore options, diffuse negative situations and clarify complexities. 

Come to the book launch and discover more!

Mind-Shifting Imagery is available on Amazon for $15.00 or else as a Kindle Book for $3.49. 

   An opportunity for laughter, self-discovery and authentic encounters!
Dr. Patrick Williams Ed.D., MCC, BCC

A Founder of the Life Coaching Movement and of The Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT), Dr Pat will be in Chicago to promote his new book: Getting Naked: On Being Emotionally Transparent at the Right Time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person. 
This amazing resourc e  provides  new paths to living a Real, Authentic and  Fulfilling Life. Its stories, strategies and tips are delivered   in a light, entertaining, easy-to-read format. Readers will learn  how to   Overcome Negative Self-Talk, Build Personal Resilience and  Enjoy Well-Being.
Dr. Pat's work resonates as deeply with readers in the initial stages of self discovery as it does with professional coaches and therapists, well versed in the dynamics of human behavior and authentic living. 
His new "Getting Naked" Program is based on his latest book, expanded with new content,  multimedia modules, practical exercises and a personal coaching component.  
Dr Pat's Getting Naked Program Shows You How To:
* Live life as a delightful adventure of discovery 
* Move past your existing boundaries
* Live more boldly, daring more, while risking less
* Discover a delightful lightness of being
* Expand your human experience
* Become more whole, more real and authentic.
* Deepen and enrich your relationships
* Release yourself to freely laugh, play, imagine, create
Come to the book launch, meet Dr. Pat, and find out more! 
Dr. Patrick Williams  was recently honored by   The International Coach Federation (ICF)   as one of its first Inaugural Circle of Distinction Inductees - coaches whose long-term contributions shaped the coaching profession. He is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and a Navy SEALS Coach with the SEALS Foundation Fund. Dr Pat's mission is to transform lives, awaken people to their infinite possibilities, and provide them with paths to fulfillment and inner peace.
Getting Naked is available on Amazon for $12.49 or else as a Kindle Book for $4.99. 
DATE:    Thursday, September 20th, 2018.
TIME:    5:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
PLACE:  565 W. Quincy St., Chicago, IL 60661
FORMAT:   Mix & mingle; brief presentations; light refreshments
A residential building, the venue has limited attendance to 45 people who MUST be registered beforehand.  Please get back to me asap, if you would like to join us! (  
*Please note that 565 W. Quincy (between Adams & Jackson/ Jefferson & Clinton) is close to Union Station, Ogilvie Station, the CTA Blue Line (on Jefferson) and the Jackson/Clinton Bus Terminal. Parking is available at nearby indoor
and outdoor lots, and there is metered street parking if you are lucky! If you drive, I recommend locating parking ahead of time via Spot Hero!