"I am a furloughed teacher due to COVID-19. I was laid off as the school year started. I also had two heart surgeries last fall. Christian HELP has been my lifeline to food."

Janet is one of the thousands of your neighbors who have turned to Christian HELP for assistance as the pandemic impacted all of our lives. No two stories are alike.

"I am a single mom. I don't make enough to feed my four boys."

"I lost my job and need to find another one, but I'm not sure where to look."

"I am on a fixed income and have medical bills to pay."

They have fallen on hard times for one reason or another and are reaching out for help. They are only able to reach out to
Christian HELP because of YOU.

Your generosity has been a blessing to the community, especially over the last year. You fed thousands of families and helped thousands more get jobs, but there is a lot more work to be done as our local economy recovers from the pandemic. Your support enables us to walk with these families through their crises.

Let's be there for twice as many local families!

Every dollar now makes DOUBLE the impact.
The next Central Florida Employment Council job fair is coming up and it is the place to be if you're hiring or looking to be hired!

On March 24th from noon-4pm at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, at least 50 companies meet hundreds of eager job-seeking candidates with resumes in hand.

These job fairs are some of the biggest in central Florida and they couldn't come at a better time!

Go to cfec.org for more information!