Double your online referrals. 

We have a proven remote delivery solution that makes it easier for programs to attract clients and drive referrals through online channels. Ou r    Financial Management Center is  a turn-key system t o build awareness of your investment services, add educational resources to your website, and drive referrals  to your investment advisors.

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Connie L. Gregory
SVP, Business Development
CUSO Financial Services, LP and
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC
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Financial Management Center 

As your clients begin to favor electronic means of doing business over in-branch visits, increasing your financial institution's online presence becomes critical. The same is true for your investment program. As in-person visits decrease, it's imperative to increase online awareness-building programs for the investment services you offer. 

The Financial Management Center (FMC) provides smart calculators, customized to your financial institution's branding style, to help your clients see where they stand in relation to achieving various investment objectives: Retirement, College Savings, Inheritance, Changing Jobs, IRA Options, and Starting Investing. We have found that online visitors who engage the self-evaluation tool request investment advisor follow-up calls and appointments at double the rate of more traditional direct mail campaigns.

The FMC also provides significant marketing tools for promoting in-branch activities such as seminars. Building custom event pages for topic-specific seminars means your investment advisors can better target, promote, and drive attendance for these client-loved events.

Best of all, as part of your affiliation with CFS/SPF, the FMC is complimentary. Join CFS/SPF to increase online engagement for YOUR investment program. If you'd like more information about the Financial Management Center, contact Connie Gregory in Business Development today at or 858-530-4440.

Happy Client Testimonial
"Content marketing is critical to our industry, as is having multiple lines of communication to attract different audiences like baby boomers and millennials. The FMC is very cost efficient and highly customizable, and has transformed our membership communication abilities!"

~ Ewelina Caplap, 
Coastal Credit Union
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SVP, Business Development
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