Vehicle of the Week: Doug Reed's 2017 C7 Grand Sport Collector's Edition

Doug Reed's 2017 C7 Grand Sport Collector's Edition

This week we show you the wonderful Corvette of Georgia resident Doug Reed.

Doug is the lucky owner of one of the prettiest Corvettes in my opinion. The 2017 Grand Sport Collector's Edition C7 comes in beautiful Watkins Glen Metallic Grey with that striking Tension Blue interior and Grand Sport graphics on the front quarter panels. Deciding that he needed to jazz up the gloss black wheels with a bit more blue, Doug found out about our wheel striping product while searching the web and contacted us to see if we knew which shade was the best match. We didn't, so we mailed him most of our blue swatches and Doug determined that our "040 Medium Blue" was the one!  He then ordered the Stripe-It-All Tool and a set of rimstripes # 6040-1/4-BIG Rim. If you click on the 6040 link you will see the pics of Doug's car and you will also see some Ford Mustang pics at the bottom. It turns out that our "040 Medium Blue" is also a great match to Ford Grabber Blue.

The Stripe-It-All Tool ships from Tapeworks in the "4-Finger Bumper Assembly".  Doug was having some issues and called tech support (that's me, Rob). I asked Doug to send some pics of the tool up against the rim to help me diagnose the problem. It was instantly apparent. Doug didn't realize that the tool had multiple configurations and that it needed to be in the "Right End Bumper Assembly" to clear the spokes and tires. Once we pointed that out, Doug followed the instructions that comes with the tool to re-configure it properly, and got her done!

The Stripe-It-All Wheel Striping System makes an already beautiful car even more attention getting.

nk you, Doug!

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That's it for this week!


Rob "Mr. Stripe-It-All" Masecar

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