Doug Reed's Collector Edition C7

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Car of the Week: Doug Reed's 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition C7 Corvette 

Our featured automobile this weekend comes from Doug Reed of Roswell, GA. For the last couple months, Doug has been helping us find a good color match to the blue interior in his 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition C7 Corvette. (Some say if you look in a mirror and say that car's name five times, one will appear in your driveway.)

Turns out 6040 Medium Blue is a near spot-on match for that blue leather, and Doug ordered himself a set of Rimstripes, which he and his friend put on, with the help of the Stripe-It-All Tool. Doug sent us some pictures of the finished product, and frankly, Rob got worried about the quality of their installation - long story short, Doug and his wife live two towns away from Rob's parents down in Georgia and the entire crew of Tapeworks Graphics (all two of us) ended up in Doug's garage on Christmas Eve to get those stripes on there just right. Merry Christmas, Doug!

What was the problem, you ask? Doug and his buddy just didn't install the stripes quickly enough. The best thing you can do with the tool is be smooth, and turn that wheel as much as possible.

Ryan (that's me) took the pictures. Overcast days make for some great colors, and we both think that Doug's 'Vette is one of the coolest we've ever seen.

That's it for this week!

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