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Jackalope Square, located in the heart of Douglas and home to a larger-than-life jackalope statue (see below), is a popular gathering place for the Douglas community.
Douglas, Wyo. is officially the 'Jackalope City'
In 1934, Douglas taxidermists Ralph and Doug Herrick through the combination of a jackrabbit and deer antlers, created the first ever jackalope. Over 80 years later the legends and lies associated with the creature have continually grown and Douglas, Wyoming has earned a solid reputation as the “Jackalope City.”

Local citizens grasped the moniker with pride, erecting an eight-foot Jackalope in the community center (see inset photo), fittingly named Jackalope Square. The giant jackalope was the largest on record until a local resident stood a 13-foot jackalope silhouette on a hill outside of town.

On July 10, 1990, citizens across Wyoming held celebrations for Wyoming’s 100th anniversary of statehood. Douglas residents chose to commemorate the occasion by dedicating Jackalope Square in the city’s center. Public restrooms, a gazebo and an expansive lawn surround the eight-foot jackalope that stands along center street on the main route through downtown. Farmers markets, Christmas caroling and more are held in the downtown park. Each June, on the second weekend of the month, Jackalope Square serves as the headquarters for the annual Jackalope Days celebration.

Guests in the Douglas community are encouraged to visit the local Train Museum where they can obtain their very own jackalope hunting license. The licenses are filled with some little known, and mostly unbelievable, facts about jackalope. Here are a few of our favorites...

  • It is only legal to hunt jackalope between sunrise and sunset on June 31 of each year.
  • The first recorded sighting of a jackalope was by Roy Ball, an occasionally sober trapper, who staggered into Wyoming territory around 1829.
  • Jackalope only mate during flashes of lightning common to violent thunderstorms.
  • The nocturnal, and quite large, saber tooth jackalope is thought to be the predecessor species to the modern jackalope.
A jackalope, created by the Herrick Family, is on display at the Wyoming Pioneer Museum in Douglas.
  • Two of the favorite sports of Douglas residents are convincing gullible people that the jackalope does exist and reinforcing the beliefs of those who already think the horned rabbit is real.

A member of a famous motorcycle gang once visited the Douglas community and told Herrick that he wanted to catch some of the elusive jackalope and begin raising them. Herrick told him that his timing was a little off and that his visit happened to fall at a time when the jackalope had shed their antlers for the year. You may find the same to be true during your visit.

During your 2019 vacation to Wyoming, don't miss the opportunity get your photograph taken with the famous jackalope in downtown Douglas. Be sure to label it #JackalopeCity so we too can share in your fame!
Get your Jackalope Hunting License
Available at the Douglas Railroad Museum & Visitor Center
Few souvenirs from your 2019 Wyoming vacation will be able to compare to a jackalope license. Available at the Douglas Railroad Museum and Visitors Center, 121 Brownfield Road in Douglas, Wyoming, the licenses are quite entertaining. We have provided a sneak peak below and promise the reverse side is equally entertaining!
Jackalope coins to be unveiled in May 2019
Only 1,000 will be minted!
May 2019, the Converse County Tourism Board will be unveiling its limited edition Jackalope Coin. Only 1,000 of the antiqued silver coins are being made. They will be available to visitors in the community on a first-come, first served basis.

Individually numbered, the coins are good for discounts at participating retailers, restaurants and more in the Douglas community. Stay tuned to future editions of our eNewsletter for more information!

Coins can only be obtained by visiting the Douglas Railroad Museum and the Wyoming Pioneer Museum, both located in Douglas, Wyoming.
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