From the Principal's Office
Good Afternoon Parents -
We are well into the swing of things here at Dowell. This Friday will be our first UIL grade check for eligibility. Please make sure that you are helping your student stay on track by checking HAC (Home Access Center) each week. All teachers have several tutoring times during the week for students to ask questions and get caught up on work. We appreciate all that you do at home to help us here at Dowell.
Please remember that students who are car riders in the afternoon are to use the front parking lot only. Please do not ask your child to meet you in the back as this is reserved for buses only and we do not have personnel back there to cross students. Student safety is our number one priority. 
Hope everyone can get out to a ball game or the Talent Show on Friday to see our amazing students!
Have a great week!

Holly Rogers
Principal, Dowell Middle School 

What's Happening at Dowell
Monday, 9/26
- Before and after school Youth and Government practice. 
- Dowell Cross County @ Johnson Middle School.
- Handing out one STATE FAIR OF TEXAS ticket per student.
Tuesday, 9/27
- Before school STUCO meeting in F Hall Commons Area.
- 7th Dowell Football vs. Prosper @ McKinney Boyd HS.
- 8th Dowell Football vs. Prosper @ Prosper Reynolds.
- Dowell Drama Fall Play Rehearsal on DMS Stage from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.
Thursday, 9/29
- After school STUCO meeting in F Hall Commons Area.
- 7th/8th Grade Dowell Volleyball vs. Prosper Reynolds @ Dowell.
Friday, 9/30
- Lion's Pep Rally! 6th grade from 2:00 - 2:35 pm. 7th grade from 2:55 - 3:35 pm.
- Dowell's Got Talent from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Monday, 10/3
- Before and after school Youth and Government practice. 
- Academic UIL Kick-Off after school in the Learning Commons.
- Dowell Cross County @ Evans Middle School.
Tuesday, 10/4
- Before school STUCO meeting in F Hall Commons Area.
- 7th Dowell Football vs. Faubion @ Ron Poe Stadium.
- 8th Dowell Football vs. Faubion @ McKinney Boyd HS.
- Dowell Band at 8th Dowell Football @ McKinney Boyd HS.
- Dowell Drama Fall Play Rehearsal on DMS Stage from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.
Thursday, 10/6
- After school STUCO meeting in F Hall Commons Area.
- After school National Junior Honor Society Meeting (NJHS) in F103.
- 7th/8th Grade Dowell Volleyball vs. Faubion @ Faubion.
Dowell Drama Fall Play Rehearsal on DMS Stage from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.
Friday, 10/7
- Band Parent Showcase concert during scheduled band classes.

*Dates and times may change. Please check the calendar below for most recent events. 

Help us to better meet the safety needs of our student body.
Please take a moment to fill out the MISD Safety Survey below.

Thank you for your time.

Free & Reduced Drop Date for Benefits
All students who have yet to complete a new 2016-2017 Free & Reduced application will automatically be dropped from the program effective October 4, 2016. This is in accordance with USDA regulations regarding the 30 day carryover eligibility. If you need to submit an application, go to: 

There are a limited amount of $5 agenda/planners still available in G106!
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From the Nurses Office

We take our cell phones everywhere. They live in our pockets and purses. We set them on nearly any available surface. We even share them with others. We pull them out to make calls, share videos, play games, and send emails. Our phones are our constant companions, and they are exposed to many bacteria. Add to this the fact that germs thrive in warm places. Not only does your phone generate its own heat, but it also gets some help from your body heat by spending time in your hands and next to your mouth. Not many people think to disinfect their phones. It's easy to understand why phones are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. Typical phones have more bacteria than your office workspace, and some have even more than a toilet seat.
Research shows that about 30% of the bacteria on your phone will end up on your hands. Once on your hands, you only have to touch your eyes or nose for the bacteria to find an easy route into your body. To keep your phone relatively germ free all you need to do is clean it occasionally. Wipe it off with antibacterial wipes, swab it with some rubbing alcohol or even roll it around in your damp hands the next time you use hand sanitizer. With just a few easy steps, you can banish the bacteria from your phone for good.
We value and appreciate all our Dowell volunteers. If you plan to volunteer in any capacity this year, please click below to learn more about becoming a Dowell volunteer. You will need to complete the online volunteer application. It must be completed once a year. When approved, you can volunteer for special events, field trips or on campus activities. We look forward to working with you and thank you in advance for your participation!
Parents, please let your students know if they are missing anything to come see Ms. Pat in the front office. The last Friday of each month we will donate the lost and found to charity. 

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Contact Us

Dowell Main Number 
Front Office - Pat Gilchrist 469-302-6702,
Registrar/Records, - Kim Oberlender 469-302-6709, 
Nurse - Martha Anderson 469-302-6716,
Principal - Holly Rogers 469-302-6700,
Office ManagerChristy Howley 469-302-6704,
Assistant Principal (Last name A-L) - Jesse Abel 469-302-6718,
Counselor (Last name A-L) - Jennifer Morse 469-302-6713,
AP Secretary (Last name A-L) - Pamela Coats 469-302-6707,
Assistant Principal (Last name M-Z) - Aretha Jackson 469-302-6711,
Counselor (Last name M-Z), Rayshana Adams 469-302-6801,
Special Education Lead - Lori Wilson 469-302-6754,
Gifted and Talented Services, Karen Green 469-302-7913, 
Durham Bus Services  - 972-542-8316
Boys Athletic Coordinator - Tim Knowles  469-302 - 6728 
Girls Athletic Coordinator - Monica Taylor  469-302-6724
Band - Tiffany Lisko 469-302-6777,
Choir - Rebecca Sigman 469-302-6874,
Drama - Colin Wells 469-302-6750,
Orchestra - Beth Lawrence 469-302-6738,