Bacteria & Surface Germ Removal
Kills Coronavirus
Surface bacteria and germs are a major health concern today. To defend against them, BIOSWEEP® offers two (2) highly effective solutions.  BIOSWEEP Base Treatment  and  BIOSWEEP Surface Defense Treatment .

Using a unique and powerful, industry leading technology developed exclusively by Phocatox Technologies,  BIOSWEEP Base Treatment  totally eradicates airborne and surface organic molecules and microorganisms.

For long-lasting protection, BIOSWEEP also offers  BIOSWEEP Surface Defense Treatment , a specially formulated antimicrobial treatment system for reducing disease-causing bacteria, viruses, germs and mold on virtually any surface.

For best results,  BIOSWEEP Base Treatment  is always recommended prior to  BIOSWEEP Surface Defense Treatment .

Q: How does BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE Treatment actually work?
A: Our BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE Treatment services utilizes an antimicrobial solution that binds at the molecular level with any treated substrate rendering the entire surface antimicrobial. It creates a physical barrier of carbon chains that are pointed up like swords, penetrating any microbe which lands on the treated surface. Thus, it will prohibit any bacteria, viruses or mold from growing on the treated surface.

Q: Will the BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE Treatment antimicrobial wash off or deteriorate?
A: No, the BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE Treatment antimicrobial will not wash off the treated surface. It can withstand temperatures up to 257º F and resist all organic solvents, strong acids and bases. It will begin to lose its maximum potency within 12 months, however, and should be re-applied during months 10 – 12 to assure ongoing protection.

Q: Is BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE Treatment registered?
A: Yes, the antimicrobial product used in BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE treatment is EPA registered and meets all Dept. of Defense (DoD) and US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) standards. It is even approved for use in food preparation areas.

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