At Hawkes Farm, Martha Washington Geraniums please the eye
Bath Farmers Market
May 11 2019
lush seedlings at Goranson Farm: here nasturtium and red veined sorrel
Fruits &   Vegetables

Goranson Farm, MicroMainea,, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co. Pleasant Pond Orchard, Sparrow Farm, Tarbox Farm

Beets beet greens , beets, braising greens, cabbage, carrots,celery, cranberries, collards, corn , escarole, garlic, herbs, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, mesclun, microgreens, mushrooms, onions, parsnips, potatoes, radishes,rutabaga , shallots, spinach.
Chocolate croissants at Hootenanny, just right with coffee or tea

Baked Goods

Beryls Pastries, Borealis Breads,Chase Farm Bakery, Hootenanny

breads: bagels, baguettes, bialys, croissants, sourdough, wholegrain, anadama, ciabatta, focaccia, cinnamon raisin, olive, buckwheat, seeded and blended, breadsticks, croissants, morning pastries, dinner rolls, cupcakes, hand pies, cookies, scones, tarts, doughnuts, quiches, brownies, muffins, coffee cakes , pizza dough, pretzels
Roasted turkey breast to slice and serve at Pine Tree Poultry

Meat & Poultry

 Kelley Brothers Beef, Mainely Poultry, Meadowcroft, Old Narrow Gauge Farm, Pine Tree Poultry, Springdale Farm, Tarbox Farm

beef, chicken, duck, goat, lamb,
mutton, pork, turkey, 

marrow bones, suet, bacon, hams, pork belly,
hocks (fresh & smoked), sausage 
Very crabby cake from Pemaquid Lobster and Seafood-quick and easy

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

f resh flat fish, mussels, scallops,oysters, various shellfish and fish cakes , picked crab and lobster meat (check with vendor), seafood chowders .
Yogurts and fresh butter from Chase Farm

Cheese and Dairy

Appleton Creamery, Chase Farm , Fuzzy Udder Creamery, Hahns End, Springdale Farm

cows milk cheeses, goats milk cheeses,
hard & soft, marinated and spiced,
fresh and aged
feta, mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese,
butter, cow s milk(raw), yogurt
Italian sunshine to start your day-orange marmalade from Alchimia

P reserved and Premade

Alchimia-Italian jam
Borealis Breads  -  granola
Goranson Farm -  dried beans, maple
Gracies Garden - lactofermented
vegetables, kvass, pickles
Old Narrow Gauge Farm-  preserved
vegetables, pickles relishes, wildflower
& fruit syrups and pastes, fruit jams jellies, seasonal items
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood-  fish and shellfish loaves, shellfish cakes, chowders, bisques, dips, stock, casseroles & pies, smoked salmon
Pine Tree Poultry-chicken (whole or parts) empanadas, pies, soup, sliced or whole turkey breast, fresh turkey salad
Pleasant Pond Orchard -honey,
maple syrup, granola, hand cream, preserves 
Sparrow Farm - cranberry sauce,
relish, ketchup, fruit jam
Try the goats milk soap from Sisters (at Appleton) for a smooth and silky wash up

Handcrafted , Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee -locally roasted organic coffee
Goranson Farm -cut flowers
Hawthorn & Thistle -Hand dyed wool and wool products from Jacob Sheep, pet powder
Mana Medicinals -Herbal tinctures & teas, aromatics and moisturizers, healing clay.
Meadowcroft -Seacolors -   Handraised wool, sea dyed and available in skeins or individually designed clothing & blankets 
Shepherds & Such -  beeswax candles, felted goods, buttons, wax flowers, jewelry, smudge and more
Sisters Soap - goats milk soap at Appleton Creamery
Tarbox Farm - cut flowers, beer
Talk to Kyle about his growing selection of microbrews, at Tarbox Farm

Other stuff

Waterfront Park is north of the Freight Shed, about 200 steps. So it is right on the river, and it is often cool or cold when it's windy or drizzly or grey, sometimes on a sunny day. It always pays
to ha ve a sweater or hoodie or whatever in the car

We have clean and well maintained restrooms at the north end of the park. Thanks to the City of Bath!
Good morning

Summer Market got off to a bustling start last week. Fuzzy Udder Creamery and Hawke s Farm are back, with, bringing luscious cheeses and lovely flowers respectively. .

Our newest vendor, Alchimiia , is located at the North End-please stop and check out their elegant Italian fruit tarts, well crafted pastas, and more. I am already a fan of their chocolate orange cookies...

Make sure you grab a flyer for the Midcoast Cheese Trial from one of our cheesemakers; or at the info table . Make plans for a weekend tour as spring surges on; enjoying the countryside and visiting the nine participating farms-ia great way to relax and learn about cheesemaking ,cheese, mingle with the animals, treat your taste buds..
It's all good,
We welcome your input and ideas. Share your thoughts & photos too. You can reach me at

See you there

At Springdale Farm, so smooth cream cheese with ginger peach preserves to yum your morning

From our vendors

Springdale Farm continues it's sausage expansion with some nice pepperoni and smoked kielbasa. And check out their very smooth cream cheese with ginger peach puree-pure decadence on your toast or bagel.

Tracey at Pemaquid Lobster has fresh oysters still, and she had crab meat last week. Look for her weekly specials. And remember her chowders are gluten free.

Judy at MicroMainea has brought her first "Backyard Bouquets" of the season. Grab a pretty posy while scarfing up those friendly microgreens.
Simply spring, Backyard Bouquets at MicroMainea

Hawkes has some awesome Martha Washington geraniums in a variety of pinks, purples and creams- nice iris too. And strong healthy herbs ready to plop right into the ground. My favorite sage is beautiful

Fuzzy Udder uses a variety of milks in her cheeses and willing staff is happy to help you find your favorite texture and flavor. And her sheep's milk yogurt is a memorable experience for aficionados of all hings smooth and creamy.

Oyster Creek is scoring high with its Shiitake and Maiitake lately. They still have CSA slots; the first offering will arrive with the morels
Shiitake from Oyster Creek lured several Alchimia pasta buyers last week-natural selection!

iCarol at Borealis notes that the popular Cinnamon Raisin loaf is back. It makes very satisfying French toast.

There's a fresh batch of Granite Kiss, all ashy and delightful, at Appleton Creamery , & some of the very fine marinated chevre with olive oil and peppercorns
Rustic sourdoughs at Borealis-a true treat
Joe at Hootenanny had an alluring pile of chocolate croissants last week, hopefully there will be more. The whole wheat croissants are pretty special too-buttery and soft.

Try the roasted chicken breast at Pine Tree Poultry , just right for sandwiches and salads.

Beryl often brings in limited edition items for just a week or two. Last weeks maple sugar tart was a creamy softly mapled delight. It's like a treasure hunt, seeing what she's done new!
At the info booth-our lovely market bags support our SNAP incentive. We have coffee sacks for many household uses too.

Chris Lannon and Rick Turcotte team up for a unique blend of style and melody
Comings and Goings

Old Narrow Gauge should be back this week,. We hope to see Gracies Garden and Meadowcroft too.

Look for Jyang_Lee Kitchens next week

Mana Medicinals is out til June.

Fresh Start Farms and Mindful Gardens will probably arrive in late May or early June.

And Popp Farm will arrive with the strawberries...

Those sweet parking s paces by the sidewalk, vendors are reserved for them. Plenty of parking up and down Commercial St

Fresh chevre, just one of many fine cheeses at Fuzzy Udder