Downeast Medal Finals

September 2020
Downeast Medal Finals
September 16-19, 2021
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Thank you to Riitta Fortier for pictures and videos commemorating DMF!
Thank you to Spotted Vision for pictures!
2018 was a special year for DMF- our 10th anniversary! To celebrate, we held an Alumni Class, inviting back all previous Downeast Medal Winners to compete. This was also the first year for our $1000 18” Hunter Derby!


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Thank you to Spotted Vision Photography and Riitta Fortier for providing us with many wonderful photographs from the Downeast Medal Finals.
Bernard Klingenstein/Euclide Albert Memorial
The Cash Family
Lucky Clover Stables (207-651-1881)
Maggie Mae Memorial
My Horse Heroes Memorial
Peter N. Thompson Memorial
SeaHorse Stables
Seery Hill