Downeast Medal Finals

June 2016

This year, our finals will be held from September 15-18th, 2016 at the beautiful Skowhegan Fairgrounds, Skowhegan, Maine. Visit our website for more information.

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Trainer's Corner

The Benefits of Double Posting

By Liz Kleinfeld, Program Director, Head IEA Coach for Century Mills Stables

One of my favorite exercises to use during warm-up is double posting.  This is when you post up for two beats and down for one; instead of your usual up-down, it is up-up-down.  Double posting benefits balance, core strength and rhythm of both horse and rider, but its greatest benefit is to leg position.  If your leg is not in the right place, or your heel is not down, double posting will be extremely difficult for you.  I especially like it because it can do some detective work for you as to exactly what is wrong with your leg position.  If your leg is too far forward, you will find yourself falling back in the saddle on the second up.  If your leg is too far back, you will tip forward on the second up.

When doing this exercise for the first time, it can be challenging at first to find the rhythm.  Be aware that if you are plopping back into the saddle repeatedly, it can be bad for your horse’s back, so do your best to use your core muscles to control your return to the tack.  If you cannot get into a good rhythm and land gently in the saddle, keep your bouts of double posting short until you get stronger.

Downeast Medal Finals Staff Spotlight
Scott Laffey,  Downeast New Show Manager

Downeast Medal Finals is proud to welcome Scott Laffey on board as the new show manager for our finals. Involved in the horse industry since childhood, Scotty brings countless years of experience to the Downeast Medal Finals. Anyone who has taken a lesson or clinic from Scotty know he also brings loads of enthusiasm wherever he goes! Balancing a full time job as a construction manager, Scotty also teaches and trains at Over the Oxer in Rye, NH. As a USEF “r” judge he can often be found in the judge’s stand on the weekends at schooling, USEF, IEA, and IHSA shows. Scotty enjoys encouraging young riders through co-coaching the Over the Oxer IEA team, as well as managing countless IEA shows.

He enjoys giving back through his volunteer positions, sitting on the board of the North Shore Horseman’s Association, as well as the IEA Zone Ethics Committee and the IEA Education Board. In his free time Scotty loves riding his reiner, May, and enjoying the great outdoors fishing and hunting. In his down time, Scotty and his significant other Andrea Mank spend time enjoying their small farm in New Hampshire with their horses, donkey, dog, and chickens.
Pro-Am Class
Professional-Amateur Class: A flat class where professionals ride one direction and their amateurs (juniors or adults!) ride the other direction on the same horse. Saddle changes are allowed.
Professionals will be asked to show at least one of the following:  Working trot rising, as well as showing a lengthening of stride; the working canter, and the  working canter showing a lengthening of stride. Judges may require any additional tests. To be  judged on rider’s position, seat, and the correctness & effect of the aids. This is one of our most popular and fun classes for all!
Rider Spotlight

Sydney Wicklund

Sydney is a 16 year old rider from Boscawen, NH. Her horse, KEC Caraugh Lake, "Harry," is an Irish Warmblood. Sydney just moved up to the junior hunter division this year. 

“I have been riding ever since I can remember and I have always been lucky enough to keep my horses right at my house. This allows me to understand all the work it entails to own these animals. I have been so lucky and have received so many great opportunities. My current horse, Harry, has the most personality that I have ever seen in one horse; he is extremely loving and is always wanting to make you smile with his goofy qualities. Showing for me is about making your own little goals and trying to accomplish them no matter what the ribbons are. For me, riding in general, is my escape and especially with Harry, I am able to just focus solely on him. We are currently working on perfecting our lead changes and staying straight. I personally am in the process of learning that the little things make the largest difference in achieving the bigger picture and rushing progress is not going to help. I have been to Downeast Medal Finals for the past three years and I love how quiet it is, very laid back and not stressful. My horse loves to ride on the racetrack! I cannot wait for the rest of the season with a great horse.”

Upcoming Shows with Downeast Qualifying Classes

June 4     Senator Bell FarmChester, NH

June 11    NHHJATack Shack, Fremont, NH

June 12    Cornerstone FarmHaverhill, MA

June 18    Misty MorningCherryfield, ME

June 15    NHHJATack Shack, Fremont, NH

June 26    Lucky Clover StablesSanford, ME

June 26    North ShoreSenator Bell Farm, Chester, NH

June 26    SeaHorse StablesBelfast, ME

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