Left: Gaelynn is holding her violin and smiling pensively underneath a Christmas wreath in her apartment. RIGHT: Merlyn (a grey rabbit) is sitting on Gaelynn's bed, looking across the room at that same Christmas wreath

Wishing You the Best this Holiday Season!

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Happy Holidays, Gaelynn!!

It's me again β€” I hope you are having a festive, safe, and cozy holiday season so far! Paul and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on Wednesday night by cooking a delicious steak dinner with Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes. We had a wonderful time reminiscing about the music, dancing, and laughter that we enjoyed that magical Solstice evening. We also recalled the loved ones who came to celebrate with us. Most of them are still with us, but a few special people have passed on β€” this makes the memories of their love and support all the more poignant so many years later.

Now we're looking forward to celebrating with family as Christmas approaches... What are YOUR plans for the coming week, and do you have any goals or resolutions for 2023? Let me know by hitting reply!

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Buy Gaelynn's Holiday Album + Support Duluth Charities!

Gaelynn's holiday album cover. It reads "Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn" / "Gaelynn Lea". The background is faded black and white pine-needles with colorful paint splotches representing colorful Christmas lights.

Earlier this month, I made an announcement on social media that I'd be donating all the December proceeds from my Christmas album (Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn) to a different charity each week, and even though time is flying, there's still time to help out!

From now until December 24th, all proceeds from any holiday albums sold on Bandcamp will be donated to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, which is the largest hunger-relief organization in the Northland. As an added bonus, their donations are being matched right now, so your gift will go twice as far!

ο»ΏThen, from December 25th - 31st, all proceeds will go to CHUM (Churches United in Ministry), which is Duluth’s primary safety-net organization where people who are homeless or who have very low incomes can come for assistance and a welcoming, safe community. 

Already have my Christmas album? No worries - order it as a gift for a friend or family member at my Bandcamp Page!

Get Gaelynn's Christmas Album

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Watch / Listen to the Replay of "Sunday Sessions"

Sunday Sessions with Gaelynn Lea: Kevin is wearing a red Santa cap. Gaelynn Lea holds her violin.

On Sunday, December 18th, I hosted the ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL Minnesota storyteller Kevin Kling on my semi-regular YouTube concert series, Sunday Sessions. He told some of his favorite holiday stories, and I interviewed him in between tales.

We discussed the difference between story-writing and story-telling, the role of disability in our work, and the importance of meeting the audience in the moment. It was truly a blast, because the conversation flowed like... eggnog! I ended the show by playing a couple of Christmas carols.

A blue, square graphic that reads β€œSunday Sessions with Gaelynn Lea / Podcast Episode #8”. There is a yellow star on the right-hand side with the words Special Guest Kevin Kling. In the bottom left corner is a picture of Kevin; he is a white man wearing glasses, a red jacket and a Red and white Santa cap. He is in front of a music stand microphone. On the right-hand side is a  picture of Gaelynn Lea. She is a small white woman with medium-length dark hair in an electric wheelchair holding her violin in front of a microphone. Between these two images are the words β€œConversation Date: December 18th"

Missed it? No worries! You can always watch the replay on YouTube, with captioning!

Also, I couldn't resist downloading the audio from our conversation and editing it down for my not-too-frequent podcast... You can listen to the podcast version of this show on Spotify, or through the podcast-maker website, Buzzsprout!

ο»ΏIf you enjoy the show, please share it with a friend!

Listen to the Podcast Version of "Sunday Sessions"

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That's it for now... I hope you have a beautiful holiday weekend! Paul and I are heading over to my parents' house for dinner with them later tonight, then on Christmas Day we're visiting with Paul's family. What are YOU doing to celebrate the holidays this week? Let me know... I love to learn about holiday traditions around the world!

Anyway, thank you, as always, for your encouragement and support. I'll be sending another newsletter in early January with reflections and highlights from 2022, as well as goals for 2023... Until then, stay warm, stay safe, and see you in the New Year!


Gaelynn Lea

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