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What it Does Not Say

Description: This session will discuss how to find and understand those things that are not written in a record–focusing on the law, social customs, life events, legal procedures, etc. Geared towards advanced beginner or intermediate researchers.

US Land Records

Description: This session will provide an overview of local land records in the United States. Focus will be on record organization, search procedures, research strategies, continuing research, problem-solving when records cannot be located, and more. Geared towards advanced beginner or intermediate researchers.

Female Ancestors

Description: This session will focus on research challenges and issues typically encountered when researching female ancestors. Items discussed will include: women’s property rights, citizenship, marriage, “evaporating” females, “magically appearing” females, problem-solving, and more.

UFO Ancestors

Description: Your ancestor was not dropped off by a UFO, but it may seem like it. This session will discuss methods and approaches when a person “just appears” in a location with little in the way of background or identity. See reasons why people just show up and ways to try and determine where they were from before. Geared towards advanced beginners or intermediate researchers. 

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