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Do you enjoy managing your phone system? Do you like having to dedicate staff and resources to keep it updated, running and secure? 


Probably not. 


You have more important things to focus on-your business. That is why a cloud-based, hosted phone solution like ShoreTel Sky is such a great fit.

The Ultimate Streamlined Cloud Experience

  • Replace your in-house PBX and carrier contracts with one-stop shop convenience
  • Rely on ShoreTel Sky's end-to-end, award-winning phones, software and applications
  • Delight employees with easy-to-use phone apps and outstanding customer service
  • Leave the management to ShoreTel and future-proof your communications platform


Leverage Your Resources with ShoreTel Sky

Do you have too much to do, too little time, and budgets that are flat? ShoreTel's cloud phone service simplifies managing communications for multiple locations and mobile workforces. With ShoreTel Sky, the value you deliver isn't with the phones, but with the business and people you enable.