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Design Newsletter, Winter 2020
Downsizing or Rightsizing?
When I was interviewed for an article on Downsizing/Rightsizing earlier in the year for Log Cabin Homes magazine, I had no idea that I would be taking my own advice only a few months later.

During the Holiday break, my family and I moved from our large 5 bedroom home of 21 years to fulfill a dream of living on the Hudson River. Now that our kids are older we had different needs for a home and property. We downsized to a townhouse a third of the size by spending the past year going through our possessions and putting them in three piles: donate, pack, and storage unit. We also did utilize Mary Kondo’s approach of ‘ if it sparks joy, keep it ’! Looking at all of the old photos, personal archives and children’s artwork allowed a unique look back of a good life to date with new memories to now create.

Organization, scale, and creative storage has been key to living in a smaller space. We have already invited friends and family over in the three weeks that we have lived here which makes it now feel like our new home.

Thinking of Downsizing/Rightsizing in 2020? Read the article to start thinking in a new direction to take the leap. I did and it worked out great! ~ DW

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There has been LOTS of progress on our client's Cape Cod Vacation Home renovation. We will be on site again in February taking live video and attending to many details with the rest of the team. Take a look at the before photos and construction images to date, you will be amazed!

Still not sure what all that means and if a firm like ours is the right fit for you?

In this two minute video interview, Denise Wenacur explains how her firm helps clients start to finish with their Interior Design and Renovation needs from a Design Build approach.

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