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California Greek Girl 



Mary Platis who we are sure you have seen at the market selling gourmet organic dry beans, grains,  and her famous spanikopita adds a California twist to traditional greek food.  She is a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego. Her parents immigrated from Greece, and she has been practicing their traditional recipes her whole life.


More than 15 years ago she combined her love of cooking with her entrepreneurial skills to become Co-Owner and executive chef of the Greek Gourmet, a family run concession business and catering business. While managing the Greek Gourmet, Mary is the curator of her Blog California Greek Girl , farmer's market purveyor, and is currently working on building a culinary program with T.E.R.I., a non-profit, servicing individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Please visit her  blog for more delicious recipes, tips on Greek cooking, gardening, and the lifestyle that she has created with her family and friends over the years. 


Greek Power Foods - Cold Lentil Salad with Tomatoes, Basil and Feta Recipe Click Here


(we have taste tested this recipe and it is not to be missed!)




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New Fall / Winter Hours 4pm-7pm

Although it still feels like
summer outside,  the sun is setting earlier and the summer tourist season has slowed down. Since the sun sets earlier the market will start earlier.  
Wednesday, October 3rd (TODAY) the market will start it's fall / winter hours 4pm-7pm. These hours will continue until June 1st.  
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Bike / Walk Encinitas at the Farmers Market
Come meet one of the dedicated volunteers from the Encinitas Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and get a Bike Buck$ to use at the farmers market when you ride your bike.  
The Encinitas Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee otherwise known as Bike/Walk Encinitas is comprised of dedicated volunteers who would like to see our community become more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. They volunteer each week to provide free bike parking for farmer's market shoppers!  
Please like them on Facebook to see how you can join in on the fun! 
Ride the COASTER or Use the FLEX 374


The new fall COASTER schedule has been published and there are 7 trains that will take you to and from the Farmer's Market!  The market was designed so that it would be easily accessible for coaster commuters who either live in Encinitas or commute north and south to make a quick stop and stock up on farm fresh goodies for the week.  


With the introduction of their FLEX 374 service you can travel anywhere in the Encinitas / Solana Beach zone for just $5. FLEX 374 runs on-call Monday - Friday from 4:50 a.m. to 8:30 p.m (perfect timing for Farmer's Market Hours!) FLEX requires a reservation at least 30 minutes in advance by calling (855) 844-1454.  If you are a monthly pass holder you ride for free!




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