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July 12, 2022 (Omaha NE) – The Omaha Downtown Improvement District Association (DID) replanted over 60 beds in the month of June throughout the district with the newest green team in full operation. 

Like many businesses this past year, it was hard to hire a full capacity staff which led to some duties lapsing and upkeep such as weeds hard to stay ahead of in 2020 & 2021. September 2021, DID was able to bring on a full-time gardener to take focus on the landscape in Downtown. With 2022 being the first planting season for Megan Neve, DID was able to have her work with contractors to replant and mulch over 60 beds with perennials and some annuals. 816 plants were purchased for the replant including 167 Catmint, 124 Little Bluestem, & 114 Veronica along with Switchgrass, Prairie Dropseed, Red Twig Dogwood, Goldenrod and many others. 

This project costed around $50,000 with plant purchases and labor costs, but DID was gifted $15,000 from a Community Greening Grant Program of CN EcoConnexions From the Ground Up and America in Bloom to cover some of that cost. 

Before this project could be come to fruition, the DID’s Pedestrian Amenities chair Adam Sitzmann with BVH Architecture created an online inventory of the DID boundaries that encompassed all the flower and tree beds. Beds were noted with what was planted such as a tree, plants or opportunity bed that could have some life added to it. DID even noted if a bed needs to be cemented over due to lack of sustaining life. Most importantly each bed lists whose responsibility it was to maintain the beds whether DID, City or property owner. 

As a reminder according to city ordinance, property owners are responsible for maintaining, planting, and weeding their flower beds. If you would like help with figuring out what your flower beds could sustain, please contact DID Gardner Megan Neve at

View that inventory here: 


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