September 3, 2021
Alderman Reilly Reports
Downtown Safety Update
Dear neighbors:
On Wednesday, September 2, I joined Steve Bertrand on WGN Radio to discuss the increase in violent crime in the Downtown neighborhoods, and the need for immediate action to curb this behavior. Please click here to listen to the interview.
The recent shooting incidents, fighting and robberies that have occurred this week are extremely concerning; the violence in the Central Business District has gotten out of hand.
On Monday, August 30, I asked Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown to take immediate action to increase police patrols in the Downtown neighborhoods, and assign permanent officers to the hospitality corridors to cure the dramatic spike in violent crime. Please click here to read the communication I sent to Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent Brown.
Additionally, earlier this week I sent a memo to Superintendent Brown as a reminder of my previous requests for increased enforcement at known “drug and gang hotspots” throughout my Ward. State Street north of the Chicago River has been on that list for many years, and it is frustrating that this stretch continues to go unprotected. I have requested an immediate response to provide dedicated foot patrols until the immediate threat of public safety is abated and the “hotspot” areas are cured of criminal activity. Click here to read the memo I sent to Superintendent Brown.
Although I am a strong and vocal supporter of the Chicago Police Department and its officers, I am disappointed with the recent attrition of officers and the direction of current policing strategies, such as eliminating foot pursuits. A recent edition of Reilly Reports describes my position and plans to urge a top-down reevaluation of public safety policies; click here to read that edition of Reilly Reports.
Furthermore, although I don’t have the authority to direct CPD, I am committed to leveraging all available City resources to enhance public safety. I have allocated significant portions of my Aldermanic Menu to fund the installation of Police Observation Cameras and License Plate Readers, which assist CPD detectives in catching criminals. Additionally, I use my legislative powers to provide CPD with more tools to address crime and safety issues.
My hope is that Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent Brown will increase police patrols in the Downtown neighborhoods, and assign permanent officers to the hospitality corridors. Please stay tuned to Reilly Reports for future updates.
Brendan Reilly
President Pro Tempore
Alderman, 42nd Ward

Alderman Reilly's Office Closed on Labor Day, September 6
Please be advised that Alderman Reilly's Office, other government offices and Chicago Public Libraries will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 6 to comply with the City of Chicago mandatory holiday schedule.
If you have a need for city services, please call 311 for non-emergency requests, or dial 911 if you require immediate assistance. 
Eurostar Hotel – Resolution to Disciplinary Hearings

Eurostar Magnificent Mile Hotel, located at 660 North State Street has agreed to implement a number of changes to their operation as a result of the public nuisance disciplinary case that began in April, 2021. Eurostar has also been issued a $10,000 fine.
As you know, BACP and CPD conducted numerous task force investigations of the Eurostar Hotel between March 2020 and March 2021 in response to a formal request by Alderman Reilly. This investigation led the Law Department to file charges against the hotel to be resolved via the Mayor’s License Discipline Commission. As a result of this process, the hotel has agreed to implement the following operational policies:
  • Provide a working phone number for an on-site manager to nearby residents
  • Require guests to sign a “no guns” and “no parties” policy in order to obtain a room
  • Discontinue allowing guests to pay for hotel rooms using cash or credit cards without a security chip
  • Prohibit the use of all guest room balconies
  • Limit elevator access and hotel room entry to registered guests only
  • Significantly increase security personnel
Please click here to review the full Plan of Operation and Nuisance Abatement Plan that Eurostar Hotel has agreed to follow.

Alderman Reilly to Host Blood Drive
September 11
Alderman Reilly is hosting a Blood Drive on Saturday, September 11, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The event will be held at 455 North McClurg Court.

The Alderman’s goal is to collect 30 pints of blood at the event. All of the donations will go to local hospitals to help Chicagoans in need.

Although we welcome walk-ins, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-7TO-GIVE or click here to be directed to Versiti’s website.

We look forward to seeing you at the Blood Drive!
Nami Webinar on Crisis Intervention & De-Escalation
On Tuesday, September 7, at 11am the 18th District and Nami Chicago will host a Crises Intervention and De-escalation Webinar. Please click here to register for the event.
OEMC and City of Chicago Partners Launch the Safe Chicago Program
The Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is encouraging residents to participate in National Preparedness Month throughout the month of September. National Preparedness Month (NPM) is observed each year to promote family and community disaster planning year-round. As we prepare to protect everyone we love in advance of possible disasters, OEMC is introducing the Safe Chicago public safety program, installing life-saving kits in City of Chicago properties to be there when needed for active shooter incidents, workplace accidents and other emergency situations requiring immediate medical attention before first responders arrive. 
“OEMC takes steps every day to plan and keep Chicago residents and visitors safe. During National Preparedness Month we are introducing Safe Chicago to provide Bleeding Control Kits to be utilized in an emergency to help save lives throughout the City,” said Rich Guidice, Executive Director (OEMC). “We also want to encourage everyone to recognize that disasters and emergencies can happen at any time and being prepared can be the difference between life and death.” 
Safe Chicago 
Safe Chicago is a new public safety program launched by OEMC in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department and Assets and Information Services (AIS). This new program will provide Bleeding Control Kits at occupied, City-owned or leased facilities. OEMC and AIS have already begun installing 426 wall mounted Bleeding Control Kits in 269 City of Chicago buildings, which includes: City Hall, Chicago Public Library locations, Chicago Cultural Center, DFSS Senior Centers, CDPH Medical Clinics and other locations. Each kit can treat up to 8 victims and is equipped with a tourniquet, gauze, shears, gloves and an instruction manual to be used in an emergency before first responders arrive.  Life threatening bleeding emergencies can be the result of falls, penetrating injuries, gunshot wounds and more. Knowing how to control bleeding from a serious injury will keep you and those around you safe. 
Prepare to Protect 
The 2021 National Preparedness Month theme is "Prepare to Protect: Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.” Each week OEMC will offer an activity all residents can perform on their own or with family and friends. This also includes the National See Something, Say Something Day on September 25.  Emergency preparedness information, tips and helpful links are available on OEMC’s website at 
  • September 1-4: Make A Plan: Know how to prepare for disasters that include how you will communicate with family and friends during disasters, reviewing insurance papers, and much moreInclude learning to stop the bleed, CPR and other life-saving techniques in your plan in advance of a crisis
  • September 5-11: Build A Kit: You’ll need items to survive during a disaster that includes supplies you may need at home as well as a go kit of items you may need if you must evacuate quickly to a safer location.  
  • September 12-18: Prepare for Disasters: Find out the best way to limit the impacts a disaster may have, like having the right insurance coverage or what can you do to your home to make it stronger and more resilient. 
  • September 19-25: Teach Youth About Preparedness: Take the time now and talk with your children to reassure them, especially in this pandemic time. Teach them lessons on preparedness. Make family preparedness a fun annual event.  
  • September 1-30: Sign-up for Smart911. Create a profile for you and your family which will give 9-1-1 information to help in an emergency – 
  • September 25: National See Something, Say Something Day 
Throughout the month OEMC will present tips and educational videos on social media to ensure residents are prepared for emergencies such as a flood, blizzard, extreme heat or cold, fire, terrorist attack and a pandemic. OEMC will also be encouraging all to sign up for the Smart911 services to better assist residents in an emergency should they ever have to call 9-1-1. A Smart911 profile immediately provides the call taker with details that can be used to facilitate a quick response and added information emergency personnel should know when responding to save time to save lives. To create a Smart911 profile, download the Smart911 mobile app or visit 
For complete details on emergency preparedness information and tips are available on OEMC’s website or the FEMA website at Follow the Office of Emergency Management and Communications on Facebook , Twitter (@ChicagoOEMC) and Instagram (chicago_oemc_911) using the hashtags #BeReady, #Smart911, #ChicagoOEMC #SafeChicago 
Office of Emergency Management and Communications 
The Office of Emergency Management and Communications provides residents of Chicago with prompt and reliable 9-1-1 service for police, fire and emergency medical services and coordinates major emergency response. The mission of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications is to manage incidents, coordinate events, operate communications systems, and provide technology, among other forms of support, to City services to strengthen their respective missions and to protect lives and property in the City of Chicago. For more than 25 years, the OEMC has served the residents of the City of Chicago. The OEMC is committed to closely partnering with local, regional, state, and federal partners to achieve seamless integration and complementary missions. 

Important Announcements and Updates
Chicago In Tune Festival
August 19 - September 19
It’s finally here! Chicago In Tune (August 19 – September 19) is a new citywide festival celebrating music in the key of Chicago — during the 2021 Year of Chicago Music. This month of music will bring iconic neighborhood venues, presenting organizations and musicians from across the city together to celebrate all music genres and forms — with both large and small, free and ticketed events at clubs, concert halls and beyond.

You’ll find the most comprehensive listing of shows at — and event highlights in a festival guide inserted in the August 19 edition of the Chicago Reader.
Alerts and Community Notices
Free Museum Days this Summer
The 42nd Ward is home to (and near) several world-class museums! Check out the following museums free admission days below.

Museum of Contemporary Art
  • While suggested fees are posted, the MCA has a pay-what-you-can policy—no visitors are turned away.

Museum of Science and Industry
  • September 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30

2021 Chicago City Markets

Chicago City Markets sell fresh seasonal produce, flowers, prepared foods, unique Chicago-made products and rare finds – at Chicago’s longest running farmers market on Daley Plaza, the historic Maxwell Street Market and a dozen more community markets in neighborhoods across Chicago.

These markets are typically open from May to October. Below is more information about participating markets in or near the 42nd Ward:
220 E. Chicago Ave.
June 1 - October 26, 7am - 2pm

1817 N. Clark St.
May 5–October 27, 7am–1pm

50 W. Washington St.
May 27–September 30, 7am–2pm

1936 S. Michigan Ave.
June 17–September 30, 4–8 pm
1817 N. Clark St.
May 1–October 30, 7am–1pm

100 W. Division St.
May 15–October 30, 7am–12pm

115 S. Sangamon St.
June 5–October 30, 8am–1pm
42nd Ward CAPS Meetings
CAPS meetings offer city residents an opportunity to address crime and safety issues directly with the beat officers who patrol their neighborhood, as well as to provide ongoing feedback, which help the police to monitor crime issues.

Attention Residents: New in 2021, each beat will be hosting its own meeting, departing from the sector model. They will also be virtual (via Zoom) until further notice - please contact the District in advance to register for the virtual meeting.

  • Beat 111 - September 7 at 3 p.m.
  • Beat 113 - September 9 at 3 p.m.
  • Beat 1831 - September 28 at 5 p.m.
  • Beat 1832 - September 14 at 6 p.m.
  • Beat 1833 - September 30 at 5 p.m.
  • Beat 1834 - September 30 at 6 p.m.

Please make sure to confirm the details for upcoming meetings with your Police District's CAPS office. 

1st District: 312-745-4290, [email protected]
12th District: 312-746-8396, [email protected]
18th District: 312-742-5870, [email protected]

To find your district and beat, please click here.
42nd Ward Street Closures and Construction Notices

One Chicago Square: Tower Crane Dismantling

On Monday, August 30, Power Construction will begin dismantling the tower crane at One Chicago Square. During the crane removal, State Street, from Superior Street to Chicago Avenue will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The project is expected to take 10 days to complete (weather dependent).

St. Clair Water Main Project

On Tuesday, September 7 2021, the Department of Water Management (DWM) and Reliable Contracting & Equipment Company crews will begin to install 1,552 feet of 8-inch new water main in N. St. Clair Street, from E. Superior Street to E. Illinois Street. The old water main dates back to 1880 and needs to be replaced to create a more reliable and efficient system.

Automatic Email Updates

To receive automatic email updates about the progress of the project, please go to to register. Simply enter your name, email address. You will be notified as the project enters each new construction phase – from our mobilization of equipment onto the site, to the installation of new pipes, to the final restoration of the street.

What You Need to Know During Construction

  • Traffic: If DWM needs to close or limit traffic during construction for safety reasons, you will always be able to reach your home or business. Outside of working hours, a travel lane will be left open for local traffic only.

  • Parking: DWM will post “No Parking” signs as needed during work hours (generally 7am-4pm). Parking outside of those hours will be allowed, but cars will need to be moved by the start of the next workday. They will try to preserve as much parking space as possible.

  • Service transfers: DWM will give you 24-hour notice when they will have to temporarily interrupt water service to transfer water to the new main and you will need to start flushing your water system. However, in the event of an emergency shutdown during construction, they may not be able to give you prior warning.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call:
  • 24-Hour City Service and Information Line: 311
  • DWM Office of Public Affairs: 312-744-6635

Crain Lift: 160 North LaSalle Street

On Saturday, September 11, from 8pm to 6am, there will be a crane lift at 160 North LaSalle Street. During the lift, the following will be closed:

  • 100' of sidewalk in front of 160 N LaSalle Street
  • 100' of curb/traffic in front of 160 N. LaSalle Street

There will be flaggers and barricades on-site throughout the lift.

Helicopter Lift: 123 North Wacker Drive

On Saturday, September 11, from 10am to 12pm, there will be a helicopter lift at 123 North Wacker Drive. During the lift, the following will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian access:

  • Wacker, from Washington to Lake
  • Randolph, from Canal to Franklin

There will be barricades, detour signs, and police officers in-place throughout the lift.

Fifth Third Bike the Drive 2021

On Sunday, September 5, from 5am to 1pm, the Fifth Third Bike the Drive 2021 will be held on Lake Shore Drive. 

During the event, Lake Shore Drive, from  Bryn Mawr to 57th Street will be closed. Bikers will occupy all of the NB/SB lanes with vehicle access retained at I-55. The start and finish is at Jackson and Lake Shore Drive. Lake Shore Drive will reopen at 11am. 

Peoples Gas Modernization Project: Gold Coast

Peoples Gas will began Phase 1 of their Gas Main Modernization Project in the Gold Coast. Work hours are 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday. Phase 1 of their project has the following parts:

  1. Install new main on Lake Shore Drive, from Michigan to a point 1,200' east thereof. This portion of Phase 1 would start in August and last 25 days. 
  2. Install 200' of new main in the intersection of Oak & Michigan. This includes crossing the eastern pedestrian tunnel. This portion of Phase 1 should start in mid-September and last 10 days.
  3. Install 450' of new main on the west side of Lake Shore Drive, from Oak to Cedar. This includes crossing the northern pedestrian tunnel. Work should begin in early October and last 17 days. 

Please stay tuned to Reilly Reports for future updates regarding this project.

LG Construction: 751 N. Hudson and 451 W Chicago 

LG Construction has broke ground at 751 N. Hudson Avenue and 451 W. Chicago Avenue, which are adjacent parcels. Work hours will be 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.
Throughout the project, the following will be closed:

  • Sidewalk/curb lane/traffic lane of the east side of Hudson, from Chicago to the first alley south thereof
  • Sidewalk/curb lane/traffic lane on the west side of Sedgwick, from Chicago to the first alley south thereof
  • Sidewalk/curb lane on the south side of Chicago, from Hudson to Sedgwick

There will be a protected pedestrian walkway in the curb lane on the south side of Chicago Avenue, from Hudson Avenue to Sedgwick Street.

This project is expected to take 18 months to complete (weather dependent). 

Filming in the Ward This Week

Done Filming

On Wednesday, September 8, Robo Aerial plans to film scenes from a commercial using drones at 401 N. New and 600 W. Fulton. During the filming, parking at the following locations will be prohibited:

  • Both Sides of Fulton St., from N Desplaines St. to N Jefferson St. ( 8:00pm to10:30pm)
  • Both Sides of New St., from E Illinois to E North Water St. (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

Additionally, there will be Intermittent Traffic Control at the following locations:

  • Fulton St., from E Illinois St. to E North Water St. (8:30pm – 10:30pm)
  • New St., from E Illinois St. to E. North Water St. (6:30pm – 8:30pm)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dustin Schoenfeld (Location Manager) at (224) 484-7862.
Wacker Drive Repainting Project
In late-July, the Chicago Department of Transportation began repainting Lower/Middle Wacker Drive, from North Field Boulevard to Lake Shore Drive. Work hours will be 8am-8pm, 6-days a week. 
CDOT will be sandblasting/repainting 80' sections of Wacker Drive at a time. The sandblasting/repainting area will be contained and exhaust fans will be in-place to remove dust and fumes.
Traffic will be maintained in both directions at all times, and access to parking garages will not be blocked. 
This project is expected to be completed mid-December 2021. 

ComEd Vault Roof Replacement

ComEd is replacing a sidewalk vault roof at 344 West Erie Street. Work hours will be 8am-3pm, 5-days a week. 
Throughout the work, the sidewalk and curb lane on the north side of West Erie, from North Orleans to the first alley west thereof will be closed. 
There will be barricades, detour signs, and flaggers on-site throughout the project. All work is expected to be completed by mid-August (weather dependent).  

Vaulted Sidewalk Fill-in: 600 W. Jackson

Starting at the beginning of August, the vaulted sidewalks adjacent to 600 W. Jackson will be filled and the sidewalks repaired. During the work, the following will be closed:

  • Sidewalk/curb lane on the west side of Jefferson, from Jackson to Adams
  • Sidewalk/curb lane on the north side of Jackson, from Jefferson to the first alley west thereof

There will be detour signs, barricades, and flaggers on-side throughout the project. All work is expected to be finished by the beginning of September. 

Vaulted Sidewalk Repair: 20 N. Wacker Drive
The vaulted sidewalk at 20 North Wacker Drive is being repaired. Throughout the work, the sidewalk on the west side of Wacker, from Washington to a point 100' south thereof will be closed. Construction fencing will be used to enclose the sidewalk and detour signs will be in-place.
Pedestrians will be directed to the east side of North Wacker at West Washington and West Madison. 
The project is expected to be completed in late September 2021.

354 North Union Construction

The Onni Group is constructing a 33 story residential building with 373 units. Work hours will be 8am-8pm, daily. 

Parking will be prohibited on North Union, from West Kinzie to the cul-de-sac west thereof throughout the project. All construction equipment and vehicles will be staged on the Onni Group’s property. This project will take approximately two years to complete. 

Vaulted Sidewalk Fill-in: 8 East Randolph

In early May, the vaulted sidewalk adjacent to 8 East Randolph Street began to be filled and the sidewalk repaired. During the work, the sidewalk on the east side of State Street, between Randolph Street and Benton Place will be closed to pedestrian traffic.  

The contractor will construct a protected pathway for pedestrians, using jersey barricades, in the curb lane on the east side of State Street, between Randolph Street and Benton Place. All work is expected to be completed by mid-September. 

430 N. Michigan Lobby Renovation
Starting in mid-September, GNP Realty Partners will be renovating the lobby at 430 N. Michigan Avenue. Throughout the project, there will be a 40’ urban canopy on the sidewalk in front of the building. In order to place the canopy on the sidewalk, the planter bed and City Information Panel (CIP) at this location will be temporarily removed. Both the planter bed and CIP will be reinstalled upon completion of the project. 
The project is expected to be completed in mid-December. 

South Water Street Viaduct Replacement

In March 2021, the Chicago Department of Transportation began demolition of the South Water Street Viaduct, between Lower Beaubien Court and Stetson Street. Work hours are 8am-8pm, daily. 

As of May 10, vehicular and pedestrian access will be prohibited on the Upper and Lower levels of South Water Street, between Lower Beaubien Court and North Stetson Street. There will be barricades and detour signs in-place throughout the duration of the project. 

This project is expected to be completed in July 2022 (weather dependent). 

Renovations at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington Street

On February 15, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) began renovating the Grand Army of the Republic Rotunda and Hall at the Cultural Center, located at 78 East Washington Street. Throughout the project, DCASE will be using the Cultural Centers loading zone at 129 North Garland Court as storage for the project and to place their construction dumpster. 

On Monday, April 19, canopies will be installed at the following locations:
  • South side of Randolph, from Michigan to a point 50' west thereof
  • West side of Michigan, from Randolph to a point 75' south thereof

The project is expected to be completed February 2022. 

Construction: 609 West Randolph Street
Construction of a 15-story commercial building at 609 West Randolph Street began in mid-January. Throughout the duration of the project, the following will be closed:

  • Curb/Traffic lane and sidewalk on south side of West Randolph, from North Jefferson to 621 West Randolph

There will be a canopy with a concrete crash wall and plywood enclosure for pedestrian use in the closed traffic lane on West Randolph, from North Jefferson to 621 West Randolph.

There will be detour signs, barricades, and flaggers in place for the duration of the project. This project is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2022 (weather dependent).

Aon Plaza Renovations

Renovations on the Aon Plaza located at 200 East Randolph Street began in December 2020. Throughout the project, the sidewalk on Upper East Randolph Street in front of the plaza, and on Lower East Randolph Street, will be reduced to 6’. 
The project is expected to be completed by August 2021 (weather dependent). 

Façade Work: 160 North LaSalle Street

Bowa Construction began work in October 2020 to perform façade and cladding work at 160 North LaSalle Street. During the work, there will be scaffolding on the east, north, and south sides of the building. 

All work is expected to be completed in September 2021.

Overnight Parking Ban Downtown

Until further notice, overnight parking will be restricted on the following streets during the weekend:  

  • Both sides of Oak, between Michigan and Clark 
  • South side of Oak, between LaSalle and Wells 
  • Both sides of Chicago, between Michigan and Wells 
  • Both sides of Ohio, between Michigan and Wells 
  • Both sides of Hubbard, between Michigan and Wells 
  • North side of Illinois, between Dearborn and Clark 
  • Both sides of Illinois, between Wabash and Dearborn 
  • Both sides of Rush, between Grand and Ohio 
  • Both sides of Rush, between Erie and Oak 
  • Both sides of Wabash, between the Chicago River and Grand 
  • Both sides of State, between Kinzie and Oak 
  • Both sides of Erie, from Rush to Wells 
  • Both sides of Huron from Rush to Dearborn
  • Both sides of New Street, from Illinois to North Water
  • Both sides of Columbus Drive, from Monroe to Balbo 
  • North side of Wacker Drive, from Wabash to Michigan
  • North side of Wacker Drive, from Franklin to Columbus 
  • Both sides of Wacker Drive, from State to Wabash 
  • Both sides of Stetson, from Randolph to Wacker 
  • Both sides of Columbus Drive, from Randolph to Wacker 
  • Both sides of Beaubien Court, from Randolph to Lake 
  • Both sides of Randolph, from Harbor to Michigan 
  • Both sides of Ohio, from Michigan to Fairbanks
  • Both sides of Erie, from Kingsbury to Larrabee
  • West side of Larrabee, from Erie to Huron

As always, please make sure to read all posted signage before parking your vehicle downtown. 

One Chicago Square-1 W Chicago Pedestrian and Traffic Impacts

Although fencing is already in place for the sidewalk closure, pedestrians still have access to the sidewalk, but should exercise caution when walking by the construction site. 
The curb lanes along Chicago, State, Superior, and Dearborn will remain a No Parking/Tow Zone throughout the project, to allow for demolition, and then the protected pedestrian walkway.

The sidewalk along the east side of Dearborn, from Superior to Chicago, has been closed to pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians will be rerouted to the west side of Dearborn. 
Please stay tuned to Reilly Reports as additional construction updates and closures will be announced.