Downtown Business Owners & Tenants
RE:   Downtown Streetscape, Sidewalk & Crosswalk Improvements

We plan to make a good situation better. Starting this month, the City of Inverness will remodel and revitalize the downtown landscape, by removing stamped concrete on sidewalks and replacing it with real pavers, changing trees and install up-lighting, install improved electric service for the staging of events, and building new crosswalks at intersections. This is a part of a continuing commitment to support a healthy economy. The objective goal is to market Inverness into a vibrant place to be experienced.
First thing that happens will be tree removal (very soon) which cause a temporary inconvenience immediately around the work site. As the construction schedule is developed, information will be posted on the City Web Page, plus we will tweet Information, use Face Book and Constant Contact to share data with everyone. Business Owners will be informed of work to be performed and project duration.
Larger disruptions will include temporary street closures to repave crosswalks with brick pavers. Most work will be performed on a Sunday and Monday, but this will "spill" to affect a Tuesday and possibly, Wednesday.
The sidewalk café program will be suspended temporarily while work is underway. This will be coordinated with affected businesses. Our goal is to provide advance information of at least 20-days. Information will appear on the City Web Page, Tweets, and Face Book.
We are proud of this City and this project keeps it great!
Frank DiGiovanni
City Manager