See below for my Covid-19 Dowsing Protocol
it's from my new book  Get Healthy with Dowsing
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Live stream events: 
July 3-5:  WCC virtual event
Covid-19 Dowsing Protocol
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Dowse the Covid-19 Virus
As dowsers we can manipulate energy and matter. Do the Dowsing Protocol, then dowse the Covid-19 Virus. We know how it works. We can protect ourselves energetically.  The Covid-19 Protocol is excerpted from my new book    Get Healthy with Dowsing  available now as a  preorder  for delivery in early May.
May 5  International Dowsing Day
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International Dowsing Day Facebook page.

Confirmed speakers: Mike Barwell, Aaron Bray, Susan Collins, Grahame Gardner, Rai Heller, Sharry Hope, Melinda Iverson-Inn, Patrick MacManaway and Susan McNeil-Sphuler.                Time zone converter
Live on May 5: 
8 pm in UK / 3 pm Eastern / noon Pacific / 9 am Hawaii 
(May 6 at 7am in New Zealand, 5 am Australia, 4 am Japan)
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West Coast Dowsing Conference
July 3-5
Our beloved conference, normally held as a live event in California will be a virtual on-line event this year! The good news is that you can attend from anywhere in the world!  I'll be presenting  Get Healthy with Dowsing with a focus on dowsing to eliminate Covid-19.
Details are still being worked out, but check in with the website above in a few weeks (or mine to find out how to register.
Free Dowsing video
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Soul Retrieval with Dowsing 2019
Soul Retrieval with Dowsing 2019
presented at ASD National Conference
(The video quality is bad, but the sound is OK)
New Book
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Get Healthy by Susan Collins
Fundamental and advanced dowsing techniques to help you create and maintain good Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic health.

Many surveys and illustrations.
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I hope you are staying safe and healthy in these challenging times. In addition to the dangers presented by the virus, many of us are also experiencing the effects of mass consciousness. We may feel depressed and anxious even though we are not in immediate danger.  If you're feeling upset, and if you are able to, take a walk  in as natural a setting as you can. It will help reset your body systems. 
                  Stay healthy!
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