We've been getting so much cold and wet, we thought we'd share more Winter Foot Care Tips this month.

Hope to see you at our new offices, right off Thruway Exit 14 in Suffern! 

Stay warm!

Dr.Baldinger and Team

Keep Your Feet Dry!
  • Your feet sweat more in warm winter socks and boots.
  • We suggest cotton & wool socks (natural fibers). 
  • Pay attention to excessive sweat and wetness.  
  • Use a foot anti-perspirant and moisturizer when appropriate.
  • Wash your feet every day--damp feet are prone to bacterial infections. 
  • When your shoes or boots get wet, dry them out thoroughly before wearing again.  (Consider waterproofing them, too!)
  • Ditch the fashion shoes and heels when you are outside in rain, snow or cold.  Protect your feet with warm, waterproof boots that give you good traction and ensure you don't slip.
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