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Dr. Dale's Holiday Newsletter!
Dec. 18, 2017
Well, what an end to what has to go down as a wild and oftentimes stressful 2017 for many in Santa Barbara and for that matter around the world. I am hoping you and your loved ones are currently safe and sound somewhere, and your home has survived the fires.

Laurie and I had to evacuate Saturday, but fortunately our home is still safe and we are comfortable in a nice townhome down in the funk zone.  Saturday was a long and somewhat stressful day, hoping to avoid evacuating then having to deal with all the last minute details.  Luckily we were prepared, but it was still a lot of work. 

Some nice outcomes were that we spent Sat. evening with some friends having a nice dinner of very healthy soup, very good wine and watching a scary movie! Additionally, we now have the opportunity of having a semi-vacation in our own community, staying in a different part of town, partially at least out of our normal habitat, while still going to work. It is actually a change we are embracing and making the most of. Hopefully it is a short vacation and we are home at least by the weekend to get ready for Christmas with Family and Friends.  

Also, an important note for our business community.  Many small businesses in town are very dependent on a large portion of their business income coming from a very strong holiday business season.  Unfortunately for those small businesses, the fire has come at the worst possible time. So, please, let's all try and think of those types of businesses and support them as much as we can during this unfortunate crisis. 

Please be sure to read the important information below on how to best protect yourself and family from the adverse affects of the smoke by-products. 

And most importantly, be safe and may you and your loved ones, Be Well. 
Protect Your Health with Dr. Dale's Air Quality Protocol
For my local patients who are still in town and want support to protect yourself from the air quality issue we have been exposed to, below are the best options.  As we all know there are visible and invisible particles floating in the air. The invisible are generally considered the most dangerous. Besides the protective steps you are hearing from our local health officials, below are recommendations that actually help your body respond to the small particles we all are breathing in. 

Our first line of defense is AllerDHQ.  AllerDHQ supports Nasal and Sinus passages, provides protection from from rich sources of the highest quality antioxidants and even protects hypersensitive individuals.  

 AllerDHQ incorporates bio flavonoids, micronutrients, proteolytic enzymes, and herbs into a comprehensive formula that provides multifaceted support for individuals with immune challenges. Dihydroquercetin, a key component in AllerDHQ, inhibits oxidation, is bioactive, and is highly absorbable. AllerDHQ supports the body's regulating function in addressing an overactive or distressed histamine response that are sometimes brought on by the environment.*  AllerDHQ is also the best airborne allergy product I have ever come across. 

Immune Balancing Complex provides an additional boost for your immune system, which is the key responder to the kind of attack that your body is under from the foreign invaders in the airborne particles. Taking Immune Balancing Complex at this time will also provide support for protecting you from the infections that are currently active in Santa Barbara. 

For individuals with more sensitive lungs, we add in Pulmonary Factors. This product has very specific ingredients for protecting the lungs.  

Dosages for Adults: 

AllerDHQ: take 2 capsules, 3-4x's per day. It is more powerful when taken on an empty stomach.  2 Upon Arising, 2 Mid-Morning, 2 Before Bed (you can add 2 mid-afternoon).

Immune Balancing Complex: 3 per meal (9 per day).  You can increase to 4 per meal if you feel that you are fighting an infection.

Pulmonary Factors: 2 Upon Arising and 2 Before Bed. 

Our New Vit. K2-D3 5000 by Xymogen
If you are currently taking our Vit. D3 5000, you will want to consider switching to our K2-D3 5000.  The research has mounted to the point where I can say it has significant advantages for most individuals, especially over time.

K2 is synthesized by bacteria, and when it is in the MK-7 form, has a high affinity for fats, making it highly bioactive and bioavailable, especially to bones, arteries and other regions outside of the liver.

Vitamin K insufficiency is a common issue for a couple of reasons. First, absorption of vitamin K1 from food can be limited, which is made more difficult with the varying digestive and absorptive capabilities for each patient. Second, adequate consumption of foods high in K2 (organ meats, aged cheeses, fermented foods) can be challenging. For these reasons dietary supplementation is an important option for patients who may be at risk of Vitamin K insufficiency.

Research suggests that higher levels of K2 are needed than were previously thought. Natural, long-chain MK-7, the most bioavailable form of vitamin K2, is the type of K2 we recommend, and Xymogen provides highest quality source MK-7 available in K2D3 5000. This product uses a naturally derived and solvent-free vitamin K2 that has been obtained through a patented biofermentation process.

Vitamin K2D3 5000 provides top quality vitamin K2 balanced with the ideal daily intake of Vitamin D3. Both of these vitamins work synergistically together to support bone and arterial health. While Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption from the intestines, vitamin K directs the calcium out of the blood and into the cells and bones where it is needed.  Additionally, vitamin K protects bone integrity by reducing the synthesis of inflammatory messengers known to cause bone degeneration.

Vitamin K plays an important role in cardiovascular health by participating in the activation of a protein (MGP) regarded to be the most potent inhibitor of arterial calcification. Researchers have demonstrated that supplementation with vitamin K2 reduces arterial calcification and that long-term intake of MK-7 is inversely correlated with total calcium accumulation in the arteries.

Vit. D alone has a very large body of research showing it's effectiveness and importance in reducing the risk of many diseases. The entire list of conditions is too long to include here, however here is a partial list: Acne, Alzheimer's, Asthma, Autism, as many as 13 different Cancers (including Breast, Prostate, Ovarian, Cervical and Esophageal), MS, Parkinson's, Diabetes I & II, Pneumonia, Influenza and Depression. 5000 mg. of D3 has been shown to be the most common dose to provide maximal protection for all of these conditions.  

For anyone wanting the advantages of healthier bones and a healthier cardiovascular system, and the many benefits of Vit. D, I recommend our K2-D3 5000 at one per day, which is on special until Jan.7. 
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Humacel - Our Impressive Natural Anti-Viral Product
Humacel is a product we have recommended for viral infections for over tens years. With the flu virus being particularly problematic this year, and the flu vaccine reported to be very ineffective, I felt it was time for an article detailing the benefits and effectiveness of Humacel.

What is Humacel?
Humacel is a proprietary product containing standardized extracts of humic and fulvic acids that are known to have immune support and broad-spectrum anti-viral properties. These substances arise from natural processes, such as prolonged biochemical degradation or plant residues. Humic and fulvic acids occur is soils, sediments, water, and represent to the largest reservoir of carbon in the biosphere. The first "Western" scientific study of humic acid was reported in 1786, however these compounds have been used in "Eastern" medicinal practice for far longer.

Anti-viral Properties
Viruses are extremely small organisms that can easily get inside cells, where they use the cells' machinery to feed, replicate and spread to other cells. In order to get inside the host cell, a virus must attach, or "fuse" to the cells membrane, allowing it to inject its genomes into the cell. Viruses contain a receptor-binding protein that keeps them attached to the host cell. This protein encapsulates the virus and makes it resistant to attacks from the immune system.

The compounds in Humacel inhibit viral attachment to target host cells by blocking the "sticky" binding sites on virus surfaces. The entire process of attachment to a host cell is halted, thereby arresting viral replication. This process also sends a signal to the immune system alerting it to the invader. This kicks the immune system into action against the virus that has been laid vulnerable by this coating.

Humacel Scientific Research
The compounds in Humacel have been proven to be effective in the inhibition of numerous viruses, including; Coxsackie A9, Influenza A, Influenza B, Herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2, HIV type 1 and 2, cytomegalovirus, Ebstein Barr virus, vaccinia virus, SARS, H5N1, H1N1, Hepatitis C and others.

One study found fulvic acids capable of rendering vaccinia virus, HIV and SARS virus non-infectious, while another demonstrated fulvic acid's ability to inactivate genetically diverse strains of influenza, including H5N1.

Medical studies show that difficult respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with Humacel dietary supplementation. With results like these, Humacel would be a worthy addition to a dietary regime during flu season.

To further illustrate the incredible effectiveness of Humacel, I have included the results of two clinical studies below.

"Hospital studies have shown that patients with normally incurable epidemic Hermorrhagic fever were able to be successfully treated with humic extracts, which stopped bleeding, restored circulation, removed clots, was anti-viral, and significantly bolstered and regulated the immune system."

"Extensive hospital eye clinic studies using humic extracts showed 100% success in curing eye diseases caused by virus, bacteria, or fungus, also healing ulcerous wounds, relieving inflammation, and stopping hemorrhaging, without side effects.

Patient Experiences
Common Cold: Recurrent cold infections with frequent business travel have completely stopped with daily use of Humacel.

Influenza: Began taking Humacel at the onset of a severe flu. Symptoms relieved in 24 hours, comepltely resolved in 48 hours

Shingles: Begain taking Humacel 1/day for prevention, flare ups more mild and only last one day instead of a week as they normally would.

Hepatitis C: Significant reduction of symptoms, especially energy, drastic reduction of viral counts

EBV/Mono: Chronic and recurrent cold/flu infections following diagnosis of mono 15 years prior, after 4 months of humacel feels better than they have in 15 years.

Herpes Simplex I: One capulse per day, have gone from 1 flare-up per month to none in more than 6 months.

Herpes Simplex II: Cold sores every month or 2, currently 8 months cold sore free since starting humacel.

If you have a chronic viral infection of any kinds, check with Dr. Dale as to what dosage is best for your specific situation.  Or use Humacel for acute viruses and viral protection. 

Quote of the Month
"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, 
it means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections."
Gerard Way

God knows we have many imperfections to see beyond, 
 so we have lots of opportunity to Be Happy!
Dr. Dale
In Closing
I appreciate the positives of 2017, especially those new tools I have come across to assist me in helping you be healthier.  Additionally, I am fortunate to see many human kindnesses on a regular basis, some big, some tiny, but all blessings.  

I must say though, I am looking forward to 2018 being a Great Year compared to our soon to be bye, bye 2017!

May your 2018 be Something Special, Dr. Dale

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