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Dr. Dale's April 2017 Newsletter!
May 2, 2017
Dear (Contact First Name),
Yes, it is May and this is the April Newsletter!  You could say just in time as it is Springtime and that means "Spring Cleaning", i.e., time to Cleanse!  Below is my annual Cleanse article.  Please read it as this is one of those yearly "to do's" that is simple, saves time and money, and pays huge dividends!  That's hard to beat.  
In Case you missed it last year!  New Research Shows the Powerful Effects of Chiropractic Adjustments on Brain Function.

Research out of Australia last year confirmed that chiropractic adjustments have a profound effect on the nervous system.  Spinal manipulation not only restores optimal nerve function locally, but it also increases function in the most important collection of nerves in our body; the brain! This new research showed that adjusting the spine increased brain function by 20%!  The region of the brain that is most affected is the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for behavior, decision-making, memory, attention, intelligence and much more.  Therefore, restoring optimal spinal function results in optimal brain function!

I have numerous patients who come in when they realize that their brain just feels like it is not getting the proper blood flow to it.  Their "light bulb" has dimmed and they almost always notice an immediate change in how they feel right after their treatment, with their light bulb back on at full strength.  Life is challenging enough, but when our light in dimmed, Yikes!  

Working to maximize your  bio-mechanical function and then maintaining it is a critical aspect of attaining a Lifetime of Wellness, Vitality and Longevity!

NSAID's #5 on the List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs

As most of you know, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) are one of the most commonly taken over the counter drugs, and considered by most Americans to be safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  

NSAIDs have a history of causing life-threatening complications. Until 13 years ago, when Vioxx (rofecoxib) was pulled off the market because it increased the likelihood of heart attacks or strokes, doctors had no idea that such pain relievers could trigger severe cardiovascular reactions. Since then, however, other studies have confirmed that NSAIDs increase the risk of blood clots (JAMA, Oct. 4, 2006).

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 people develop Deep Vein Thrombosis (a by-product of a blood clot) each year. Other experts put the numbers higher, closer to one million cases annually. Many of you probably know someone who has had a DVT.  

If the clot lodges in a leg, the person may sense tightness, tenderness, swelling, redness or a feeling of heat in one leg. It the clot breaks loose and lodges in the lungs, symptoms can include shortness of breath, cough or generalized chest pain. These are medical emergencies and require immediate treatment.

In July 2015, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it is strengthening an existing label warning that non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) - Motrin, Bextra, Naproxen, Celebrex, Aspirin, Voltaren, Lodine, Indocin, Orudis, Toradol, Relafen, Daypro, Clinoril, Aleve, Naprosyn and others, are the most widely used drugs in the world. Most people experiencing mild to moderate pain, inflammation, cold and flu symptoms, menstrual pain or fever take NSAIDs and do so without really thinking of any dangers since most are available over the counter (OTC). The perception is that they are innocuous, but that would be very far from the truth.

Facts about NSAIDS:
  • An estimated 60 million Americans regularly use NSAIDs, resulting in clinically significant upper GI complications in up to 2% of users (1.2 million cases).
  • According to one survey, 23 million Americans use a nonprescription NSAID like ibuprofen or naproxen (Aleve) every day.
  • More than 80% of patients developing GI complications have no prior symptoms or warning signals.
  • GI hemorrhages due to NSAID use result in up to 120,000 hospital admissions annually.
  • Estimates are that more than 16,500 persons die from NSAID-related GI adverse events. 

Please let us know if you would like an alternative to these dangerous medications.  

Spring Cleaning Time is Here Again!
The Bad News is that each year more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment!  Unfortunately, every one of us has stored levels of these toxins in our bodies.

The Good News is that we have a seasonal solution to this problem: a 7 to 14 day cleanse (length of time varies depending on the individual). This cleanse maximally facilitates your body's detoxification pathways, decreasing the toxic burden of chemicals.  This is also an excellent way to interrupt any bad dietary habits that have developed over time, and for most people will result in some weight loss.  And it's a great time saver! Breakfast and lunch each take only 5 minutes from start to finish!

The quantity and diversity of biochemical toxins in our bodies are relatively shocking. A short list of some of the common toxins found in ALL Americans include; lead, mercury, DDT and many other pesticides, PCB's, and perchlorate (a toxic component of rocket fuel).  Literally, tens of thousands of man-made chemicals can be found in our bodies. Many of these originate in all types of household products. Chemicals from pesticides, the city water supply, plastics, flame retardants, cigarette smoke, carpets, plywood glues, paints, exhaust fumes, plus the byproducts that escape our factory smoke stacks.
In addition to the chemicals we breathe, eat or drink, there are many that are created in our bodies everyday that are poisonous and need to be processed.
Of course, we were so well designed that we do have biochemical pathways for getting rid of these toxins.  The problem is that the detoxification systems of our bodies can only do so much in a 24-hour period.  When our bodies cannot process all the chemicals, due to either their quantity or complexity, or our own nutritional deficiencies, they are stored in different parts of our body, especially fat cells.  Many of these chemicals have well documented disease risks.  Most, if not all, of these chemicals can be found in each and every American.
My Biochemical Detoxification Cleanse, which I've been using with patients for 30 years now, is designed to facilitate your body's ability to clear these toxins.  It is also quite simple to accomplish.  In general, it involves replacing two meals a day with a drink that is specifically designed to cleanse the body of toxins, while at the same time serving as a meal.  Your third meal is a feast of very healthy foods. Snacking between meals is fine and includes fresh fruits and raw veggies.
So, if you are ready to feel better and be cleaner and healthier, read the  Cleanse Instructions and pick up your cleanse product at the clinic to get started.  You can also call the clinic to set up an appointment with me, and I will get you ready to start right away.  By the way, a special benefit of doing The Cleanse is that it usually has a minimal cost and actually saves many people money, depending upon how much they would normally spend on their breakfast and lunch.

Product of the Month Special!

OptiCleanse GHI and Bio-Cleanse Plus are both on Special this month to support your choice of Spring Cleaning, or if you just want to use these great products as a fast, simple and healthy breakfast choice.  From now until May 31st, receive a 10% discount on all our Cleanse Powders.

Please click the link to read more about these excellent products.

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Quote of the Month
This is one of my absolute most cherished quotes.  Unfortunately the change necessary to manifest the positive aspect of this seems so far from our current American and world situation.
Hopefully, with many prayers and lots of positive action we will move in that direction. 

"When mores are sufficient, laws are unnecessary; when mores are insufficient, laws are unenforceable."

-Emile Durkheim

In Closing
Taking the action of our Spring Cleanse is one of those actions that produces immediate positive results.  M any of my patients who do this one to two times each year really look forward to it.  Please treat yourself well and take advantage of this opportunity!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Dale

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