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Dr. Dale's February 2018 Newsletter!
March 1, 2018
Here it is My February Newsletter in March.  As they say, better late than never. Sorry, I been very busy ordering new equipment and preparing for our next level of care to Heal your Brains!  More on that next month.  

For now it is all about Heart Health, the other most important organ. So please read the below information and take the action steps that are most important for you and your loved ones.  Just having the information is not enough.  It is critical that you take action to make change to get the results you desire.  

And please, email me directly if you have any questions on these topics.  
February - National Heart Month
February is National Heart Health month. Heart Health should be the most important health focus for anyone over 40, as this is the one condition that has the greatest impact on shortening the lives of Americans. 

Please read below regarding the 2 most important heart tests and be sure to follow up with me on this so we can keep you "healthy as can be" in this critical area. Additionally, this is the one area where you probably have a loved one (or 2, or 3, or more) who could also be more proactive.  

One great aspect of Heart Health is that with the proper steps taken, you can dramatically reduce your risk of ever dying from a heart attack.  This is the number one killer in America and it is Very Avoidable. It is very sad and frustrating to me, as it is all too frequent that I hear of someone who has died of a sudden heart attack at much too early of an age.  Especially when I know that it could have easily been prevented if they  had just  done  the tests I recommend and follow the necessary steps that were indicated based on their results. Usually these are very simple, but critical steps.  

One of these tests, The Heart Scan, is also great for picking up critical issues that are silent and allow for preventative measures to avoid an early fatality.  I have had a number of wives ask me for a requisition for their husband to have this test, only for us to find a silent but dangerous abnormality that needed to be closely watched by their cardiologist. These were time bombs ticking away and only would be discovered early with this test. 

These are also great and easy areas for helping others.  Simply either share my articles with them, ask me if I can order these tests for them, or tell them to go see Dr. Dale now, as you want to make sure they live a long and healthy life!

2 Most Important Heart Tests
Unfortunately, many doctors, and many patients, think cholesterol testing and a treadmill stress test are the most important heart tests.   Let me make this perfectly clear, neither is!  The first test below is far superior for detecting atherosclerosis, and the second test is critical for determining whether or not your risk of Sudden Cardiac Death is increased, or if it is decreased by up to 90%!  

The other great news about these tests is that they are very low cost for the value they provide.  The Heart Scan in Santa Barbara is only $150, the lowest price I have ever heard of in the U.S.,  and the BrainSpan test, our replacement for the Omega-3 Index test is only $145. Come on in and we can get you set up for both, or either the Heart Scan or the BrainSpan test.  By the way, both of these tests are very simple processes.  

What? A Brain Test for the Heart?  Our BrainSpan test includes the critical Omega 3 Index test, the most important Bio-Chemical marker for your heart health.  The BrainSpan test also gives us your fatty acid Cell Inflammation Index and a benchmark for how your brain is operating for your age.  This is very important and valuable information. 

Please read both of these articles to help extend or save the life of yourself or a loved one. 

Why the Heart Scan is so Important

I have been studying this test and using it with patients for over 15 years, and I strongly recommend the Heart Scan for all men over 40 and all women over 45.  Make that 5 years earlier if there is a significant family history of heart disease or if you exercise vigorously.

I wish I had a test this good for other key areas of long term wellness!  The Heart Scan allows us to very clearly know the amount of hard plaque you have in your heart.  It can determine if you don't have any hard plaque at all (which is the case for most of my patients), if you do have hard plaque, and therefore are at risk, how great that risk is, and over time if your plaque is increasing at a fast rate, average rate, slow rate, not increasing or actually reversing.  Since plaque build up and/or rupture are what cause the vast majority of heart attacks, this test provides the clearest picture of your risk of heart attack now and in the future.  It clearly shows if you have any calcified plaque at all in your coronary arteries and if so, exactly how much, in how many different spots and exactly which areas of the arteries.  

The BrainSpan/Omega-3 Index: The New Champion in Testing for Cardiac Risk

Your Omega-3 Index is the most  important number relative to your risk for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD).  This is the type of heart attack where an individual usually dies immediately or within a few minutes.  Usually with no time for aggressive intervention.  It's the kind of heart attack where an apparently healthy individual, possibly only in his or her 40's or 50's, and who may even recently have passed a cardiovascular stress test with flying colors, has a heart attack out of the blue and dies suddenly.  These heart attacks most commonly result from a rupture of soft plaque, causing a sudden and severe clot that dramatically blocks blood flow in the arteries of the heart.  They can also be the result of a sudden, severe arrhythmia.
The Omega-3 Index test specifically measures all the Omega-3, and 6 fatty acids in your red blood cells and scores the index of your EPA/DHA compared to the rest of your omegas.  Individuals with an index in the desirable range (greater than 8%) have up to a 90% decreased risk  of  Sudden Cardiac Death compared to individuals with a score in the undesirable and most common range for Americans (below 4%). 

Product(s) of the Year!
When I look back over the past year I am always excited about a few new products that we have added to our comprehensive group of supplements.  Some of these are really quite dramatic in their uniqueness and contribution to the health of many patients. Those are the products I appreciate the most.  

This past year we had the addition of ProbioMax IG 26 DF capsules, along with IG 26 DF powder.  These cutting edge products have significant immune enhancing properties via their ability to provide natural antibodies to 26 specific bacteria that can compromise short and long term wellness.  These bacteria are primarily different forms of Staph, Strep and E. Coli. 

We have been using the capsule form during this current flu season along with the rest of our Cold and Flu protocol and have had great success in combating a nasty season and some very challenging bugs. 

Our powdered version is primarily used by patients who want to protect their overall immune system on an ongoing basis.  I have seen impressive results in dramatically reducing susceptibility to infections, as well as greatly suppressing severe bacterial infections including the very resistant strain of Staph know as MRSA.  For me, if someone asks what to take on a daily basis if they want to support their immune system, this would be the product of choice. 

To understand these beneficial products in a more detailed way,
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Quote of the Month
"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible. The kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family."
Virginia Satir

In Closing
Please be sure to take care of yourself and loved ones in this key health area.  This is such an important system and it is very responsive to the right nutrients, as long as you don't wait too long.  

Eat Well, Be Healthy,  Dr. Dale

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