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Dr. Dale's January 2018 Newsletter!
Jan. 30, 2018
That was a sad, painful and stressful December/January for all of us in Montecito, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Ventura. Our prayers go out to all of those who lost anyone dear to them, those who have been displaced from their homes, and those whose livelihood has been significantly challenged.  

May the rest of 2018 see our community come together in the best way possible. May we become closer, stronger and smarter as a result of these severe disasters. 

It is during these times when "what really matters" becomes more prominent to all of us. Hopefully it turns our focus toward a healthier community, which of course is the outcome of healthier individuals.  
Cold and Flu Emergency Update
As you are probably aware, due to personal experience, knowing someone who has suffered, or watching the news or reading the paper, our Flu season has begun. It has really ramped up in the past couple of weeks with a dramatic spike in the number of new infections, most of which so far are very strong.

This year's primary flu strain is the H3N2, which is the most virulent of the strains, produces the worst flu seasons, and is the strain, which the flu vaccine is least effective. This is the reason we are seeing record numbers of flu cases in the U.S. and California.

In my Nov. Newsletter I wrote: Warning #1 regarding Flu Season! Australia, whose flu season precedes ours each year and whose statistics tend to show what we are in for, has had a very bad flu season. Statistically, they are reporting 2.5x's the average number of flu cases and almost the same increase in deaths related to the flu. Additionally, they are reporting that the current flu vaccine, which is the same vaccine we get, is having a poor response. As predicted it appears that is the case and the additional oddity is that our flu season has come early.

I have seen a couple patients who came to me when their flu came back a second time. Both were very sick, with fevers, chills, body aches, nasty coughs and severe fatigue. Luckily, even though they had waited too long, once we got them on a special protocol, they began to notice changes day by day, making steady progress.

Hit the Read More button below to See Our Very Effective Immune Prevention and Active Infection protocols.

Dr. Dale's Recovery and Rejuvenation Program
This program is primarily for patients who have been on a nutritional and/or weight loss program with me in the past.  If you have been on one of my programs, and you now feel the need to Recover and Rejuvenate after "holiday dietary indiscretions," plus the extended stressful January, and maybe a 3 - 10+ pound weight gain, this is a simple, very specific, healthy way to quickly drop those extra pounds, replace some less-than-ideal habits and recover your well-being and vitality.  I have done this with over a thousand patients and the results are predictable: you feel better quickly and you get healthier.
The daily routine described below can be done for one to three weeks, and if you follow it properly you should lose anywhere from 2 - 7 pounds the first week and 1 - 3 pounds each week thereafter!  It is simple and timesaving for most people.  You will very likely feel noticeably healthier within the first 3 - 5 days, and the cost of your rejuvenation product is usually no more, and quite possibly less than, the two meals you would normally be buying each day!

Recovery and Rejuvenation Soup
This soup and its variations are designed to help you recover and rejuvenate.  This is not necessarily a gourmet meal, but you will find it refreshing, tasty, and very rich in alkalinizing minerals.  It is also apt to have some diuretic effect, which is a good thing.

The quantity below is enough for one person for a number of meals; it makes approximately 5 quarts.  Once done, it is very convenient because your next several meals are ready in a few minutes!  

  • 1.5 lbs. carrots, roughly chopped into ½" - 1" chunks
  • 3 lbs. leeks, white & light green parts only, sliced into ¼" - ½" rings (can also use onions, cut into ½" - 1" chunks, or mix leeks & onions)
  • 2 lbs. green cabbage, cored and sliced into ¼" wide slices
  • 3 quarts + 2 cups filtered water
  • Olive oil, a drizzle
Note: when buying leeks, choose those that have the most white.

January's Product of the Month!
To help you with the restore and rejuvenation program, Opti-cleanse will be on sale through February 28!
Buy one you get a 10% savings. 
Buy 2 or more and you get a 15% savings!  

New - Kids Immune Protocols!
I have put together Preventative and Active Infection Protocols for children 6 months and older, just in time for this nasty Cold and Flu season.  Please click the "Read More" tab below to read specific write ups on each product. 

Special Note: Due to the severity of this years Flu season, the below preventative and active programs are one more product than a "normal year".  Additionally, there is a new SuperNutes Chewable Multi,  for kids that is optional.

For the Preventative and Active Protocols, as well as very important information on Vit. D's ability to reduce the risk and symptoms of the flu for infants and children,  CLICK HERE

Quote of the Month
"When we see our uniqueness as a virtue, only then do we find peace"    
wise Japanese character in the movie Ghost in the Shell

In Closing
This is a very good time to stop, take 5 minutes and write down what most matters to you and what steps you can take this year to best support what matters. 

Yours in Health,  Dr. Dale

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