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Dr. Dale's November 2017 Newsletter!
Nov. 7, 2017
Here we are fast approaching our Holiday Season and at the same time just coming into the ramping up or our Infection Season.  This is the time of year that can be very fun and fulfilling, or stressful and wearing.  

Therefore, my newsletter is focused on your Brain(!!), that all important decision making organ, your Immune System, and a Special New Soup that makes eating very enjoyable and even healthier!

Please be sure to read through this entire newsletter as each piece can make a difference in how Healthy and Happy your 2017 Holiday Season becomes. 

Also, please remember you can always reach out to me via email if you have any health related questions for yourself or your family.
Dr. Dale's New Hours - Again!
I've come to realize that my patients prefer it when I am in the clinic everyday.  So, I am changing my schedule back to seeing patients 5 days per week.  My new clinic hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Tuesday, Thursday:  1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Important BrainSpan Update
In our August newsletter, I highlighted my lead article as..... My Most Important Article of 2017!  New BrainSpan Testing!

Since then, we have done over 75 BrainSpan tests with patients, and the information provided is even more valuable and helpful than I first expected. 

One of the most important data points we get from BrainSpan is exactly what your Omega 3 Index score is.  This tells us how much EPA and DHA, the two most important Omega 3 fatty acids, are in your red blood cells.  This is very important as these Omega's are the most important for your heart health and brain health. They are also very important for your hormonal health, immune health, gastrointestinal health, inflammatory index and have an important influence on all cells in your body and organ systems.  There is no single bio-chemical test for the health of every individual that I know of, that is this important!

We have also learned additional information that I didn't realize would be so important for some of my patients.  In certain patients, their Omega 3 index was in the excellent range, yet some of the functional, cognitive brain scores were less than desirable.  For these patients the results point to many other options for helping improve their cognitive function. I have had feedback from patients when we made these other changes of noticeable improvements within a 1-2 weeks. Without the cognitive assessment, there would be no easy way of knowing that these patients needed additional specific support to improve their brain function.  

For the average American, their brain function declines with age.  Many are aware of these changes, and accept them as "normal".  What most people don't realize is there is much that can be done to actually improve your brain function even if you are over 70 years old! 

The quality of our brain function has a huge influence on our quality of life, If you have not had your BrainSpan Test yet, please call as soon as possible and let my staff know you want to do the BrainSpan test and they will get you scheduled right away. The test and a follow up visit with me to go over the results in detail, costs only $145, a great value for so much important information.  

By the way: 
Here is a partial list of conditions associated with Omega-3 Fatty Acid Deficiencies:
Acne, Allergies, Alzheimer's, Angina, Anxiety and Depression, Atherosclerosis, Arthritis, Asthma, Auto-immune Conditions, Behavioral Disorders, Brain Injury, Breast Cancer and Breast Cysts, Numerous other Cancers, Dementia, Diabetes, Eczema, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Hyperactivity and ADHD, Acute and Chronic Infections, Immune Deficiencies, Inflammatory Conditions, Intestinal Disorders, Kidney Disease, Learning Disorders, Leukemia, Lupus, Menopausal Symptoms, Mental Illness, MS, Neurological Disease, Obesity, Parkinson's Disease, Post Viral Fatigue, Psoriasis, Schizophrenia, Stroke and Vision Disorders. 

Product of the Month - IG 26 DF. Creative Nutrition at Its Best!
Save your health and save some money with IG 26 DF. Buy one from now until Dec. 7th and save 10%, buy 2 or more and save 15%!

IG 26 DF is an innovative product that we began using with patients just over a year ago.  It was designed as an immune enhancement product.  It also has benefits for cardiovascular health, muscle performance and recovery, leaky gut problems and very likely autoimmune problems. 

The ingredient in this product is purified egg yolk.  However, this is not your ordinary egg yolk.  IG 26 is from "hyperimmune egg," and the hyperimmune aspect is all focused in the yolk.  

Basically, the chickens that produce these eggs are raised very healthy and then exposed to 26 different strains of bacteria that are problematic for us humans, including numerous different strains of strep, staph and e. coli.  The natural antibodies to these bacteria are concentrated in the yolk to pass on to the next generation.  This is far better than a medical antibiotic as it ONLY kills the bad guys (bacteria).  In fact, the good guys (beneficial bacteria) increase in numbers due to the decrease in their common enemies, the bad guys.  

The greatest benefits from this product are from long term use, restoring and maximizing the health of our intestinal tract, our microbiome and therefore our immune system. When used this way, you take just 2 very small scoops a day. With the patients who have used this product this way, I have seen a significant decrease in new infections and a very fast response to fighting any infections that do arise.

IG 26 is a powder, mixed in water or another product that is a powder, such as our Nanogreens, or one of our meal replacement powders like OptiCleanse or BrainSustain. It can also be mixed in foods. 

This product can be used by anyone who wants a stronger immune system, a decrease in sensitivity to foods they have become sensitive to, or a reduction in autoimmune conditions.  Also, research on athletes shows enhanced muscle performance and recovery. Lastly research has shown improved cardiovascular lipid profiles.  It is suitable for anyone who doesn't have an egg yolk allergy.

If you are someone who gets frequent infections or bad infections or wants to significantly decrease your susceptibility to infections, I highly recommend this product.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding IG 26 DF for yourself or a family member. 
Cold and Flu Season Preparedness and Protocols!
Our cold season just began to really ramp up in the past couple of weeks, with a spike in the number of new infections.  The good news is twofold:  1. It has not ramped up too high so far, and 2. Our protocols, when used properly, are getting the job done quite efficiently. 

Those who were prepared and jumped into action at the first sign of an infection were able to stop it in its tracks!  With more and more of our patients well trained, the last few years yielded easier cold and flu seasons for those patients.   The key to this kind of success is to be prepared!  That means having the products from Dr. Dale's Immune Protocols on hand to start taking at the first sign of an infection.  This is the most important step you can take to minimize the chances of any infection really setting you back.

Better yet:  If you want to maximize your resistance to getting sick at all, follow my Infection Prevention Protocol that is also on our Immune Refrigerator Page.
In the past couple of years, our most challenging infections have been sinus infections.   If you have a tendency to getting a sinus infection, begin the Immune Protocol at the first sign of any infection, and call to get in for an appointment ASAP so I can figure out which protocol is going to work best for you.

Here is my   Immune Refrigerator Page so it's easy to know what to do right away. Please be sure to open the attachment, print it out and place it on your refrigerator.

One additional tool:  For those who want to use every possible approach to decreasing your risk of infection, we have had great success using our PEMF system to boost the immune system and stop infections in record time.  

Warning regarding Flu Season!  Australia, whose flu season precedes ours each year and whose statistics tend to show what we are in for, has had a very bad flu season.  Statistically, they are reporting 2.5x's the average number of flu cases and almost the same increase in deaths related to the flu.  Additionally, they are reporting that the current flu vaccine, which is the same vaccine we get, is having a poor response.  

Warning #2!  Do not stop your Cold or Flu protocol prematurely.  Oftentimes when you get on top of an infection right away, you can feel like you are all better within a few days.  However, even though you have no symptoms, the bugs are still hanging around; it's just that your immune system is winning the battle.  Stopping your protocol too soon can allow the infection to come back with a vengeance and often the second round is harder than the first to get on top of.  So, continue your protocol for at least 2 weeks of being symptom free before stopping it.

Laurie's Simple Chicken Soup with Cilantro, Onions, Garlic and Arugula!
This is our new favorite, which Laurie makes about 3 times per month.  This is not a thick soup, however it is very satisfying and with the garlic, shallots, cilantro and arugula very Immune Enhancing.  We even eat this in the summer. It's very easy and with only the 2 of us at home we get a few delicious meals out of it. It is adapted from a Food52 recipe that was adapted from a prior recipe. 

Serves 4, with soup left over


1 whole chicken, 3-4 pounds
3 scallions, trimmed
1 or more bunches of cilantro, stalks and roots included
2 carrots, halved
8 whole black peppercorns
2 tablespoons of Tamari (wheat free soy sauce). 
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 small shallots, or 4 large, peeled and halved (or more)
1 whole head of garlic, peeled and halved
1 large yellow onion, finely chopped 
A container of Baby Arugula, plus additional cilantro, chopped for topping (optional)

  1. In a large pot, place the chicken, scallions, cilantro, carrots, and black peppercorns, and add about three quarts of water, or more if needed to cover the chicken. Bring to a gentle boil and simmer, uncovered. Remove the chicken when the meat is tender, after about an hour and a half. Set the chicken aside to cool. When the broth is ready, strain. 
  2. When the chicken is cool enough to handle, strip off the meat into shreds and set aside in a bowl.           
  3. When the broth is strained, add the Tamari and salt. Bring the broth back to a simmer, add the shallots, garlic, and onions, and cook for about 15 or 20 minutes, until the alliums are soft and sweet. 
  4. Serve the soup by placing a large handful of Arugula in the bottom of the bowl, then the soup and then top with your chicken and Garnish with chopped cilantro, if desired.  Add more Tamari or Salt, and pepper to taste.

Quote of the Month
"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
--Barack Obama

In Closing
Repeat Warning: with the holiday season just a few weeks away this is a very important time to eat well, be very good at taking your supplements, get plenty of sleep and keep up your exercise.  These steps will have a very positive affect on keeping you Happy and Healthy through an often challenging time.  

Before Thanksgiving I will be sure to get my Tips and Tricks for Healthy Holiday Eating.  

Yours in Health,  Dr. Dale, D.C.

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