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Dr. Dale's September 2018 Newsletter!
September 18, 2018
Apologies, Apologies!  I am long overdue for your newsletter.  It's not that I have been taking any extra time off, in fact, quite the opposite.  In my next newsletter you will hear all about the projects my staff and I have been working on to further support Your Wellness for Life.  Some very exciting tools coming your way. 

The good news is those new tools are already delivering some very exciting results which I will be able to share by that next newsletter. 

For now, lets get you prepared for the Cold and Flu Season as well as keeping your Brain supported via your healthiest fats.  
Cold and Flu Season Preparedness and Protocols
Our cold and flu season just began ramping up in the past couple of weeks, with a spike in the number of new infections.  
 The good news is twofold:  
 1. So far the severity of the majority of these infections, that we've seen, has not been bad. 
 2. Our protocols, when used properly, are getting the job done quite efficiently. 

Those who were prepared and jumped into action at the first sign of an infection were able to stop it in it's tracks!  More and more of our patients have become well trained, resulting in easier cold and flu seasons in recent years.   The key to this kind of success is to be prepared!  That means having the products from Dr. Dale's Immune Protocols on hand to start taking at the first sign of an infection.   This is the most important step you can take to minimize the chances of any infection really setting you back.

The most common "hidden" infection symptom is persistent low grade fatigue. You wake up after a good nights sleep and you feel like you could just keep sleeping.  Most of the time this is a low grade infection.  If you start our immune protocol right away, usually within 2-3 days you will suddenly feel your energy levels picking up. 

Also, If you want to maximize your resistance to getting sick at all, follow my Infection Prevention Protocol that is also on our Immune Refrigerator Page.
In the past couple of years, our most challenging infections have been sinus infections.   If you have a tendency to getting a sinus infection, begin the Immune Protocol at the first sign of any infection, and call to get in for an appointment ASAP so I can figure out which protocol is going to work best for you.

Here is my  Immune Refrigerator Page so it's easy to know what to do right away. Please be sure to  open the attachment, print it out and place it on your refrigerator.

One additional tool:  For those who want to use every possible approach to decreasing your risk of infection, we have had great success using our PEMF system to boost the immune system and stop infections in record time.  I always do this and with my Immune Protocol my symptoms are gone in 24-48 hours. 

Warning!  Very Important: Do not stop your Cold or Flu protocol prematurely. Oftentimes when you get on top of an infection right away, you can feel like you are all better within a few days.  However, even though you have no symptoms, the bugs are still hanging around; it's just that your immune system is winning the battle. Stopping your protocol too soon can allow the infection to come back with a vengeance and often the second round is harder than the first to get on top of.  So, continue your protocol for at least 2 weeks of being symptom free before stopping it.

In last August's newsletter last year, I highlighted my lead article as:
My Most Important Article of 2017,  New BrainSpan Testing!
Since then, we have done over 100 BrainSpan tests with patients, and the information provided is even more valuable and helpful than I first expected. 
One of the most important data points we get from BrainSpan is exactly what your Omega 3 Index score is.  This tells us how much EPA and DHA, the two most important Omega 3 fatty acids, you have in your red blood cells.  This is very important as these Omega's are the most important for your Heart Health and Brain Health. They are also very important for your hormonal health, immune health, gastrointestinal health, inflammatory index and have an important influence on all cells in your body and organ systems.  There is no single bio-chemical test for the health of every individual that I know of, that is this important!

Omega MonoPure EC:  The Latest in Fish Oil Technology
The importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA to our health can't be stressed enough.  High quality fish oil is one of the most critical health enhancing supplements one can take.  This single product, when taken at the right dosage, can save more lives and do more good than any other product or drug in the world! You and everyone in your family should be on the optimal dose of EPA and DHA. 
Our very exciting news is that a new form of iFOS certified fish oil represents a significant advancement in absorption technology, making this high quality fish oil even better.  Using the same 5-star certified fish oil,  Omega MonoPure ECincorporates a patented lipid absorption technology called  MaxSimil.  Basically this changes the form of the fats, making EPA and DHA smaller and simpler.  Doing so allows them to bypass the body's normal fat digestion process so they are more easily and readily absorbed.

More Bad Omega Research
A recent Cochrane review looked at 79 previous studies (out of over 10,000 studies on fish oil) investigating the effects of Omega 3 fatty acids on cardiovascular health, and concluded that no apparent benefits exist.  Unfortunatley their findings suggest this review as a classic example of researchers with a hidden agenda.  I can't imagine what this agenda could be, other than quite possibly an attempt to reduce fish oil sales and therefore increase drug sales. 

In this "review", they selected studies that exhibited weak results to show the lack of evidence for the benefits of fish oil on cardiovascular health.  This selection process ignored respected publications showing establsihed benefits for heart health, such as improving endothelial function and decreasing atherosclerotic risk, lowering blood pressure, and reducing platelet aggregation, to name a few. Even the American Heart Association recommends EPA/DHA supplementation to manage triglyceride levels.  Needless to say, many experts on the subject have chimed in to state the short comings of this study.  Aside from the poor selection criteria, however, unequivocally, the single greatest shortcoming is the small amount of fish and/or fish oil used in the studies they chose to include in their review.

Anyone who has followed Omega 3 studies for many years is well aware that most of the research showing the positive effects have used doses around 2 grams of EPA/DHA per day.  At this level, fish oil has been shown to have a significant impact on everything from Depression to reducing Sudden Cardiac Death, to Recovery from Concussions and more serious Brain Injuries, to dramatically reducing the risk of Schizophrenia in those susceptible, to improved coordination, I.Q., and many other benefits.  This is the most consistent dose that shows benefits.  

Of course, recognizing that not everyone needs the same amount to maximize their results, we are fortunate to have the BrainSpan test that lets us know what amount it takes to bring your Red Blood Cell levels up to the ideal range. 

Unfortunately, once again "Research can be Dangerous to your Health!"
Humacel is a product we have recommended for viral infections for over tens years. With the flu virus being particularly problematic and the frequency of other viral infections it is important to understand the benefits and effctiveness of Humacel.  
What is Humacel?
Humacel is a proprietary formulation of standardized extracts of humic and fulvic acids, ubiquitous materials that arise from natural processes such as prolonged biochemical degradation or plant residues.  These substances, found in soils, sediments, and water, are known to provide immune support and contain broad-spectrum anti-viral properties.  The first "Western" scientific study of humic acid was reported in 1786, however these compounds have been used in "Eastern" medicinal practice for far longer.
Anti-viral Properties
Viruses are extremely small organisms that can easily get inside cells, where they use our cells' RNA and DNA to replicate and multiply at a fast rate. In order to get inside the our cells', a virus must attach, or "fuse", to the cellular membrane, allowing it to inject its genome into the cell.  Viruses contain a receptor-binding protein that keeps them attached to our cells'.  This protein encapsulates the virus and makes it resistant to attacks from the immune system. 

Immune Balancing Complex
Immune Balancing Complex is the most comprehensive and effective broad spectrum immune support formula I have come across.  We have used this for years with patients and the results have been very reliable and consistent.  This product is excellent for boosting immune health in order to reduce the chance of catching a bug, and at higher doses it is very effective in supporting the body to fight off an infection.
Immune Balancing Complex is formulated with ingredients that act synergistically to create a well-balanced immune response. The longer you use Immune Balancing Complex, the better it works. Certain herbs that have shown a tendency to develop immune system resistance to their supportive properties, such as echinacea, have purposefully been left out. Immune Balancing Complex can be taken daily for long periods of time without concern of a blunted or decreased immune response.

YowZa! PRODUCTS of the Month!
A Very Special, Special, to support you in Achieving a Lifetime of Wellness. All of the products below will be on Special for one month, until Oct. 17th!

Immune Balancing Complex
MonoPure 1300
Buy 2 or more of the above and receive a 10% discount. 

A $25 Savings on our BrainSpan Test, which is normally $145 for the initial test and $125 for follow up test.  This price includes the test as well as a follow up appointment with me, reviewing the results of your test. This will be on Special for $120 for the initial test and $100 for those of you getting a follow up test!
Quote of the Month
"Make choices according to what you value most."
Stephen Covey

In Closing
I believe Stephen Covey's quote above is critical to everyone, and if we take the time to think about it, it can be most helpful in keeping us on track for a lifetime. I have used the following reference point to clarify my values for a long time, which is; if there were one thing I could "gift" my children, what would that be? And then I use that as my focus. I remember the first time this thought occurred to me and the answer was simple, "excellent health for their lifetime". 

I believe most parents will come to the same conclusion.  Now if we can get the parents to make that their top value for themselves we will have a lot of healthy people surrounding us, and healthy people make for a healthier society.

Eat Well, Be Healthy,  Dr. Dale

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