Dr. Greer's ZOOM webinar for the Japanese audience.
July 5th, 2019
10 pm to 1 am EST (in the US)
(The night-time start is to accommodate for the time difference with Japan)
Replay will be available for those in other time zones
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Join Dr. Greer on a 3 hour webinar hosted by Greg Sullivan of JCETI in Japan. This will be Dr. Greer’s first major appearance in Asia, and is timed with the official Japanese release of the Unacknowledged DVD.. Please be aware that Dr. Greer will be speaking in English followed every few sentences by the Japanese translation.
He will cover a cross-section of various material for an audience hungry for the unfiltered truth about UFO/ET cover-up and making contact on their own.
Topics will include:
-Comments on this year’s most recent developments in the worldwide Disclosure effort
-Discussion about the upcoming CE-5 film, and the impact it will have on global consciousness
-Onboarding the public in countries where information on Disclosure and Contact has not been allowed to be distributed 
including China, pre-SIRIUS Japan, etc…
-Tips on setting up your own CE-5 team, and things we will need to know as contact itself evolves
-How to discern false man-made contact events, and disinformation with video to be shared from Japan/Thailand
of advanced drones being used by TV media to sway people away from benevolent ET contact into a controlled narrative
-A short report on the CE-5 training this past May in Oracle, AZ with video of Space X’s 
Starlink satellite system flying over the field site
-Questions will also be taken from Japanese participants in advance
This event is also being promoted as a crowdfunding campaign for those in Japan, and the webinar event’s price reflects this.  Proceeds will go to crowdfunding for the CE5 film but there are no incentive gifts associated with the webinar.
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Registration Fee:
$200 USD
(Paypal/Credit Card payments only)
Watch Dr. Greer and CSETI on Japanese TV from the early 1990’s:
Watch CE-5 in action on popular TV show ‘Why did you come to Japan’ here:
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Thank you to all of those who have donated to the crowdfunding effort so far!