Braxton and I encourage everyone to be strong and steady. Make this year your best!
Bus Inspections
More than 850 students (39%) are transported daily to and from school. Many thanks to our bus drivers and Mr. John Smith for ensuring the buses in which they ride are clean and inviting! The first official bus inspection occurred on September 4th. A BIG THANK YOU to those who participated. Pictured l-r: Transportation Supervisor, - John Smith, Superintendent - Dr. Jan Harris, Board Chair - Carolyn Bradford, community members - Lynnette and Michael Kenimer, along with Bill and Theresa Gearrin.
Georgia Student Health Surveys 2018-2019

Noteworthy Feedback from DCS Secondary Student Surveys
RESA District (17 school districts - 175 schools)
Our students' average agreement response is displayed: DMS/DCHS/ RESA

My school building is well-maintained. 84%/84%/ 80%

I know a student at my school that I can talk to if I need help. 91%/92%/ 89%

My school has high standards for achievement. 84%/85%/ 86%

Students are frequently recognized for good behavior at my school. 68%/73%/ 66%

Instructional materials are up to date in my school. 85%/87% /83%

I feel safe at school. 91%/91%/ 88%

I feel connected to others at school. 82%/86%/ 82%

Teachers treat all students fairly at my school. 76%/68%/ 63%

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DMS Hosts 1st Cross Country Meet on New Course on September 10, 2019!
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