Katy Vaughn, Davis Elementary Teacher of the Year
Becky Goff, DCHS Teacher of the Year
This week was filled with roller-coaster events. On Wednesday, we announced the Teacher of the Year on KWN's "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic." Congratulations to all of our Teachers of the Year! Gabrielle Haston will now advance to the Georgia Teacher of the Year competition.
And, then.... a few minutes before the Homecoming Parade was about to begin.... Mr. Fahrney, Mr. and Mrs. Chance and I learned that there had been a tragic accident involving three of our students: Logan Gordy, Lexi Moore and Aubreanna Baxley. Lexi lost her life . We made the decision to announce this devastating news after the parade.

Appreciation is extended to our counselors, local pastors and others who came to the High School to help provide comfort to our students upon hearing the sad news. We want to thank Sheriff Cross, Chief Smith and all the officers and emergency responders.

Thank you, Pastor Nathan Cravatt for the photo of the circle our wonderful students made after the parade. Students, guided by Will Garrett , were invited to form a large circle. Our Band students walked to the center and our students embraced them as they mourned for the loss of Lexi, and prayed for healing for Aubreanna and Logan. Several of our students displayed great courage and leadership and spoke to the group. Thank you, Alex McAlpin, for the black and white photo of Ian speaking.
Our students, people of character, immediately starting thinking about how they could honor Lexi Moore, a student who was loved by all. Coach Pruitt and our Football Team wanted to walk side by side with our Band Members before the game. The Homecoming Court, Mr. Fahrney, Faculty, Staff and Students decided to name Lexi an Honorary Homecoming Queen. Congratulations to Megan Schauer, Homecoming Queen, and Ian Howell, Homecoming King, and all our students for showing compassion, love and kindness during this sad time.

As I write this message on Sunday night, Logan and Aubreanna are healing in the hospital after surgeries. Two other students have had visits or stays at Erlanger this week. As Mr. Fahrney said, "I will be glad when Erlanger is Wolverine-free." I have never been prouder of our students. I have never been more thankful for our loving community. Thank you, Everyone, for your thoughts, prayers and acts of kindness.