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January 10, 2022 / Vol. 2

Postural Evaluation With Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Postural Evaluation With Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Start off 2022 with a postural evaluation that brings awareness to yourself and guides Dr. Jeffrey Tucker in helping you feel better for the new year! In this video, Dr. Tucker walks you through a simple evaluation that will aid in choosing specific treatments for the patient such as using the Hypervolt.

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Seven Tips to Enhance Fat Loss for 2022

1) Trying to lose fat? Try intermittent fasting! Stick to two meals a day, eat within an eight hour window and DON’T eat between meals. Have a 16-hour extended food-free break. This provides opportunities for the body to call on stored fat for energy. Instead of snacks, your body will fuel itself with free fatty acids and you'll burn your own fat.

2) Quit eating a solid three hours before bedtime. Four hours is even better than three! Doing this alone optimizes fat loss and muscle growth, which occurs during sleep. 

3) Do everything you can to get 6.5 - 8 hours of good quality sleep each night — the right combo of deep sleep and REM sleep is one of the best hacks for your hormones and overall health.

4) Magnesium is one of the top supplements everyone can benefit from. Magnesium is needed to extract energy from food and for optimal insulin function. The more energy you extract from food the less you have to eat to feel great. Magnesium helps obesity genes from expressing themselves. Magnesium is necessary for the production, function, and transport of insulin. (Order Ortho Molecular Reacted Magnesium Below!)

5) One often overlooked key to fat loss is liver health. A stronger and healthier liver assists in clearing out excess fat-retaining estrogens and helps eliminate stubborn fat deposits. Start each morning with lime juice and sea salt. Squeeze one lime in 12 ounces of filtered water and add 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt. An important liver supplement I use is AF Betafood by Standard Process. (Order AF Betafood Below!)

6) If you are even 5% over a normal healthy body fat amounts, this can cause increased inflammation in your joints and muscles. If you have sore joints, or achy and stiff muscles, please lose some fat and increase gentle exercise movements. Start a walking program! 

"I have been using body composition testing (water, fat, lean muscle mass, etc.) for over 30 years in my practice. Let’s find pre-fat loss starting numbers. Call Annie for an appointment 310-444-9393." - Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

7) Get a fat loss coach. Being accountable to a hired coach creates better outcomes! I have a full time person working with me for weight loss — fat loss management. You can call Jim at the office 310-444-9393 and ask him for help!

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In 2022, Focus on Energy Production & Motivation

Get energized for the new year with Ortho Molecular's Reacted Magnesium!

Reacted Magnesium provides three unique forms of highly-absorbed magnesium to ensure maximum absorption of this important macromineral. Most magnesium supplements use only a single source of magnesium, which can easily overwhelm a single pathway of absorption and limit uptake.

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American Composer, Jeff Rona, talk about sound therapy and the connection between mind and body.

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