Dr. Julie Gunther, DPC Physician 
"Planting the Seeds of Sustainable Practice: Doctoring on Your Terms"

We are proud to present yet another fine doctor in BRI's line up of impressive speakers at our upcoming 5th Annual Leadership Conference!

Dr. Julie Gunther is a board certified family physician, a fellow of the American Academy of family physicians and a graduate of the University of Washington school of medicine, Harvard University and Boise high school.
"We will examine opportunities to redefining the models in which care is provided to restore autonomy, integrity, time and compassion to the physician-patient relationship." 
~Dr. Julie Gunther

In 2013 she decided to embark on the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur and a direct primary care physician. She founded sparkMD, Southwest Idaho's first direct primary care practice. She's a Board Member on the Direct Primary Care Coalition, was the keynote speaker at 2016's AAFP DPC conference, was named as one of the top 10 most influential women in concierge medicine and is a mother to two, wife to one and physician to many. She's inspired to transform healthcare delivery models in the hope that physicians will reclaim their place in the forefront of primary care.
Dr. Julie Gunther featured on Hint Health blog.
What does this mean to you?
If you're a medical student interested in preserving the patient-doctor relationship and healthcare freedom, please check out BRI's upcoming conference and see if it appropriate to apply to attend on a scholarship.

Spaces are filling fast. We are limiting our attendance to 40 students, so apply now if you are interested.

If you're not a medical student, but you are interested in supporting the conference, please click on the link below and make as generous a contribution as you can. Every $1,000 gets another student to the conference to hear amazing speakers like Dr. George, and become inspired to get involved in transforming healthcare policy.

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Stay tuned for more speaker updates! 

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