October Newsletter #1
Dr. Kenneth Scott
expands SilverSage Physician Services
SilverSage Physician Services is dedicated to partnering with post-acute and long term care facilities to enhance patient care by providing dedicated physicians and practitioners.
As the pressure mounts for more complicated and critically ill patients to be transferred to the nursing home at an earlier point in their care, we want to be there to help guide that care and ensure the best outcomes possible.
SilverSage, as a part of your team means that your nursing staff has a constant resource to help in decision making, giving them confidence in what they do and helping them to be more efficient in their work. As part of your team SilverSage wants to improve patient and family satisfaction,
giving comfort to staff, patients, and families by providing timely access to the physician that has been treating them. 
What's New?
Dr. Toby L. Smith DO, CMD joins the SilverSage Team!
We are delighted to welcome Dr. Toby Smith as the new partner of SilverSage Management Services. 
 Dr. Smith brings many years of experience and expertise in Geriatric Medicine applying that knowledge to the Post – Acute and Long-Term Care setting. His work with AMDA and with the University of Hawaii speaks to his ability both administratively and as an educator. Most importantly, he brings a servant’s heart with a mission to provide healing and comfort to the frailest patients in our communities and to help improve the systems of care in Post – Acute and Long-Term Care facilities across the nation.
I am honored and delighted to have Dr. Toby Smith partner with me in furthering the mission of SilverSage Management Services.

Kenneth L. Scott Jr., DO, CMD

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